Monday, 29 December 2014

I am a shockingly bad blogger

I am soooooooo sorry I have been AWOL.

In my defence for the week before Christmas I was bravely battling against coming down with a stomach bug which my parents very kindly brought home. I lasted until Christmas eve, where I ended up getting sent home from work a little early because I look dreadful. Luckily I haven't been as bad as either of my parents were, but instead developed a nasty head cold as I was recovering from the stomach bug.

So there you have my excuses, forgive me?

I gained 1.5lbs over Christmas, but seem to have managed to lose it again (here's hoping it stays lost and it wasn't just a quirk of the scales this morning :p).

So its the end of another year, time for a bit of retrospection right?

Well I have actually hit a milestone.

My SW= 226
Current weight= 182
Amount lost= 44

But most importantly I am now over 50% there, just, my handy excel spreadsheet informs me that I have now achieved 51% of my goal. Wooooooop. So whilst I didn't quite make my goal of finishing the year lighter than I started it thanks to some summer regain, I'm no heavier either. And I'm quite happy to count that as a success. But I am determined to kick butt in 2015.

Monday, 15 December 2014

10 days to go!!!!

So today's getting back on track went a bit wrong..... because there was no food in the house. So i grabbed some food on the go and went shopping after work, did a food shop AND finished my Christmas shopping, woooooooo. Which means there are no excuses for the rest of the week!

And as I type this I have just finished meal 1 and boxed it up and am waiting for meal two to finish off, I'm freezing some portions of both and the plan is to build a stock pile of a variety of healthy but convenient meals!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

AWOL .....

So I've been AWOL recently, right in the middle of Reginalds Christmas countdown. But I have some pretty good excuses. 

Firstly I've had 3 job interviews, then i drove down to Wiltshire, spent a weekend re-arranging a friends parents house in preparation for her mums hospital homecoming. Then on the Monday I had an assessment day in London for a teacher training program that I was no longer interested in (but had already paid for the ticket so felt obliged to go). I got back from London to Wiltshire at 8.30 and then proceeded to make the 4.5hr drive home in order to start my new job the next day. And to be quite frank have been too tired for the rest of the week to do anything :p

But from Monday things around here are going to get back on track. My diet has been lax, its been all about emotional eating and convenience. In the interests of accountability I'm still at 184, which is considerably better than it could be! But indulgence needs to stop, I need to meal prep for this week. Its not quite a  full time job, 11:30-5:30, which means no lunch break for me. So by the time I get home at 6.30 I'm ravenous....... I need to come up with something that can be whipped up or re-heated quickly!!!

Also Reg will be resuming his Christmas countdown, so I present: Reg on a reindeer :p

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Christmas countdown: Day 4

Today we get a repost from last year. Because its awesome.

Also because its been a busy day and I've not had time to take and upload a new photo.

OK lets be honest, its mostly the latter.

But Reg sure does look great anyway :p

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Christmas countdown: Day 3

Reg is not the most photogenic t-rex you'd meet............. a lot of the photos he comes out looking like he wants to kill you...... which in retrospect he probably does!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Christmas countdown day 2!!!

Reg was getting a pinch frustrated with all the blown bulbs on his string of Christmas lights........... clearly the sensible course of action was to eat the blown bulbs!

Monday, 1 December 2014

On the first day of advent.......

On the first day of advent I decided to give you the best present you'll get this year...... probably.

A Christmas countdown featuring Reginald!

You're welcome.

Friday, 28 November 2014

fit4fifteen check-in

Fitnasty for Life

So whilst I haven't had to contend with thanks giving temptation this week I have had my own challenges.

I had to drive down to uni ( I like to graze whilst driving) stay overnight at my friends, actually attend my viva (a HUGE stress eating trigger). I snacked on popcorn (1 pre-portioned bag) and 1 coffee (chai tea latte  made with soy, and I went for a small). I did eat pizza at my friends (BAD vegan, but the night before the viva it was this or a killing rampage). I had 1 bar of dark chocolate during the break in my viva (totally justified and I refuse to feel guilty). Another bag of popcorn on the return jouney and this time a small sugar free vanilla latte.

Basically I did really well whilst away. I also had a Chinese takeaway the night I got back, this one I feel less happy with, there was no need, there was especially no need for me to have the starter in addition to my vegetable chow mein!

Also super excited that I've gone down another clothes size and I may have to invest in new bras reasonable soon (this one causes equal amounts of pleasure and pain!).

Short and sweet today, I'm still exhausted: mentally, emotionally and physically (I wasn't back until 3am on the wednesday night).


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy thanksgiving!

Hey there folks!

So first things first: my viva is over, I passed with reservations which means I need to make all the recommended changes before the pass is official........... this is standard for a research degree, because a straight pass or fail would be too simple :/

Moving on I missed my weigh in yesterday (for obvious reasons) but I weighed in today instead: 1lb down!!! Check back tomorrow for the fit415 update and more news on this front!

OK lastly there is this epic photo of Reginald in honour of it being Thanksgiving today: 

On a side note I feel as though this may be the reason I'm single :p

Monday, 24 November 2014

life lately....

I've been a busy girl lately, not just with my risky hair moves.

BTW for those of you waiting on tenterhooks the £11 hair cut turned out just fine. I got her to go a little shorter than was absolutely necessary as I was paranoid about having dried out ends. Consequently its considerably shorter than I normally wear it, I mean its still long by most standards, just shorter for me. I'll try and get a photo up for you guys soon so you can see what I mean. Also friends have assured me that the colour is not as bad as my family would have me believe, it is however possible that unlike my family they are lying to spare my feelings ;p.

On Wednesday we scoured free tickets to the cinema so we went to see the imitation game. Great movie. Tragic story. Afterwards we hit up a local pub and made some new friends. I say friends, they mocked me for poor life choices and accused my scarf of being a blanket in disguise, naturally this endeared them to Reg. Also Reg stole some of their beer whilst they weren't looking.

He may have gotten tipsy.

Friday after the emergency hair appointment we had a craft afternoon with a friend where I attempted to teach her to finger crochet. Reginald was not best pleased by this activity but warmed up considerably when he got a scarf out of it.

Rather dashing don't you think?

Right well the dreaded Viva is wednesday morning so I'm off to do a spot of last minute revision..... that and write a presentation as with less than 48hrs to go the university decided to let me know that I should really give one, the organisation around it has been so far past  ridiculous that I have lost all ability to care!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

help me, I make poor life choices

Dear internet friends I need your help.

Next time I talk about dying my hair myself...... don't let me.

Remember how I said my viva was next week. well I decided that rather than actually doing proper prep for it, you know useful stuff like reviewing the literature and my thesis, I was going to "fix" my hair, because that's what's important. 

Originally I was going to go to a hairdressers, as a treat. But then I saw the prices, stupid beyond shoulder length hair. So I decided to box dye it..... like I normally do. Except I feel as though my hair has been getting too dark the past couple of times. So I picked up a lighter colour using my normal method of selecting the hair dye brand on offer. BAD BAD BAD move. Today my hair is not only even darker but it feels fried............. my hair is never fried, this is a nightmare. 

So now instead of getting confidence from my hair a la Samson I'm going to actually have to study..... probably.

However, I decided that as my hair is in bad shape I will pay for a haircut rather than my normal hack at it and hope for the best technique (which usually works for me). Maybe that'll help?

Brace yourself in-case tomorrows post is on the perils of getting your haircut somewhere that only charges £11. 

I'm off to make a hair mask using olive oil and egg yolks (hair trials trump veganism), with any luck that'll reverse the damage.

Being poor sucks.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hi guys, *sheepish wave*

So I've been MIA. I have been busy, applications don't just write themselves you know. But also I've been a bit of a funk :/ with no obvious cause. But I think we're over the worst of it. Fortunately I haven't been up to much so it'll be really easy to catch up:

  • I have started a not exactly subtle campaign to convince my Dad (with the unwitting assistance of his health-nut mancrush) that he wants a blender, a nutri bullet to be exact, because I reeeeeeeeeally want smoothies and my hand blender can barely blitz soup! Does anyone do smoothies or have a nutri blender?
  • I made it through round 1 of one of the teacher training avenues I've applied for.
  • My weight is refusing to go down, and my diet has been fine, which means I need to exercise, and I fail at doing anything else and I think the river route is open again so as of today I am going to go back to running. I think there is a better chance of me becoming a runner than the yoga girl I dream of being, mainly because I can never motivate myself to actually do the yoga, conundrum.
  • last week there was a very weird and inexplicable spike in my blog viewings. Of an old post with a photo of reg, over 1000 views, mostly from France. Most perplexing.
Right I promise to be more consistent again, I even have a few recipes I want to share, but for now I'll leave you with the photo causing so much excitement in France:

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I've been playing hooky from the blog.

It could be because I have painted 2 rooms and re-arranged so much furniture.

It could be because I haven't been feeling quite right, not ill, just not right.

It could be because for the 3rd week running the stupid scale says 187.

I have been tracking everything. And stayed within my points allowance. 

BUT I haven't necessarily spent those points as wisely as I could. I full-heartedly support the theory that sugar is as addictive as cocaine without feeling the need to actually check the experimental methods or raw data (I'm a researcher, so this should tell you all you need to know about my current struggle). Nor have I been exercising as much as I need to.

But all this has to stop because they have finally arranged a date for my viva, and gosh darn it but I want to return to that place feeling good. I have 3 weeks so I better make them count!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

It's that time again.... WIW

It's time for the weigh in Wednesday link-up again. I love the weigh this link-up helps keep me accountable, and all the encouragement helps keep me motivated.

Anyho, I'm delighted to report that last weeks weight gain of nearly 3lbs must have been water weight because this week I'm down to 187. YAY!!!

So I feel as though I have a good handle on my eating at the moment. And I've been upping my water intake again, I suspect I could still be drinking more but it's not too bad. Which means its time to tackle the other side of the weight loss triangle: exercise. Its been on my to do list for a while. I think running being off the cards really threw me. I've also realised I've been making it into a big deal. That I needed to start with some really punishing routine, like p90 or something. Instead I started this morning with a bit of Hula Hooping. Man I'd forgotten how much I loved it, and how much it would hurt after so long without! So that's my plan, Hoop a little every day, building up my endurance again. And who knows maybe this will give me the impetuous to even do some yoga!

I hope everyone else has had a good week too,


Monday, 20 October 2014

Lets play catch-up

Its been a while since I remembered to actually do one of these (such a bad blogger!).

So lets see. Last week I got to catch up with an old school friend, which was great. we are both rubbish at staying in touch, but its one of those easy friendships where that doesn't matter. Of course it helps that a few years ago we realised we are so bad at staying in touch that we don't talk to anyone else from our school days and so we have to remain friends so we can have an "oldest friend" that doesn't start at university! We visited Lancaster as its a convenient mid-point(ish) for the 2 of us. And because I can't turn down a free pudding I cheated on my veganism by having blueberry pancakes. I was then rewarded with the appearance of several spots 2 days later.

Then Friday I caught up with another friend (aren't I just the social butterfly?), and we went deep into the trough of Bowland (local national park). This time I cheated on veganism accidentally, I forgot to ask for no butter on my baked potato. And now my hands are covered in angry and itchy eczema. 

What can we learn from this? I need to give up dairy for good. Which means a permanent end to my love affair with frozen yogurt, instead of our current hiatus. Understandably both parties are a little distraught over this news.

Saturday brought another friend and a different outing. This time I remembered to actually take a photo!!!

The on Sunday my poor dad spent the afternoon in A&E to find out he had shingles. Naturally my Mum and I responded in a mature and sympathetic manner. Apparently he should have gone when the rash first appeared and not waited 4 days before we forced him to go after he was caught wrapping the affected area in clingfilm. He still maintains it was a logical move to stop the itching!

I've had quite the week really!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Weigh In Wednesday

I am peeved.

Annoyed beyond words.

It was the annual family gathering this past weekend. But I was good, I brought vegetable paella with me so I'd have a good option. And I ate the friggin paella, and didn't even have any of the other options on offer (granted they were all meat but still). I didn't have any of the delectable desserts either, i had a packet of poppets (dark choc mints), which are only 5pp and accounted for.

Which is why I am so annoyed by the scale this morning because the stupid thing informed me Id put on nearly 3lbs, and read 190 again.

It better be water weight and gone again next week or else I will do something drastic!

In the meantime, I had a falling out with Reg, and decided to punish him.........

Don't worry, he's still a live.


Wednesday, 8 October 2014

WIW and GMAT part 3

I'm over the moon today's WIW brings me back into the 180s, 188 :D

Secondly its time for the 3rd installment of my "get my act together plan". WIW folks you are not obliged to stay and read through the below, I won't be offended, honest.

Those of you who have been around here for a while know that I've been trying to work out what to do with my life post graduate research (its true and a pun, lol, I'm going to go ahead and assume I'm the only one finding this funny). I'd say that it's a pretty big component of project GMAT. Anyway, after years of fighting the inevitable I have come to the conclusion teaching is the way forward. 

Its something I was obsessed with doing until I got distracted by the world of research, but even then my favourite part of my job has always been educating others. Amazing really it has taken this long for me to realise this was the way forward (that's a polite paraphrase of some of the tings I have heard). 

Originally I was going to get super mushy, and write a very long winded post about how I finally came to the decision and all the things that influenced me on the way. But it seems a bit unneccesary now. Anyway, now it's just a case of figuring out the nittygritty of how exactly to do it. In an ideal world I would get to stay where I am and not accumulate any more debt. But, we'll just have to wait and see.

Why is this appropriate to share on WIW? Is it just because I am exceptionally lazy and can't be bothered coming up with a different post when this one was stuck in my head? Partly. But also because weightloss does not happen in a vacuum. It both is effected by and affects life. And this is a case of the latter, because before embarking on my journey to health I wouldn't have the confidence to make such a big change, or embark on something so challenging. See, relevance!!!

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

GMAT...... Part 2

Part 2 of getting my act together involves building a life.

I think its fairly well established at this point that my life is quite nomadic. This year alone I have lived in 4 different places.

But when I moved back home in September, despite uncertainty regarding jobs ect (we'll cover this in part 3) I actually felt really settled. This NEVER happens. so I decided to capitalise on it and actually put down roots. 

When I left for university originally my brother got my room (it was bigger) and I was relegated to his old room. And although I got my old room back when he moved out, I was never back long enough for it to be mine, but I did appreciate all the extra storage space!

And for a long time that's all its been..... a storage facility. But if I'm back and staying for a while it needs to reflect that. So the first step was to have a clear out. Get rid of all the things I don't need or use and clear the clutter and whilst I was at it. I also had a clothes clear out, which means it all fits in the wardrobe and chest of draws, and I don't need the additional unit!

I got new curtains. Bought a new bedspread. And decided I was fed up of purple so started kitting new cushion covers.

I'd upload photos, but I'm feeling exceptionally lazy..... I'll do it once I've bullied my dad into hanging up all my pictures.

Its not all been about the room. I've been intentionally putting down roots in other ways. Like joining and actively participating in a church. Making an effort to get back in contact with friends that still live in the area, make some new ones. Figured out my favourite local pub, that sort of thing.

Its very surreal how settled/at home I feel here. Surreal but nice.

Monday, 6 October 2014

Getting my act together...... part 1

Part 1. I decided to tackle 1 thing in my control at a time, otherwise it was just too over-whelming.

The first step: diet. Not in the I want to lose weight sense but in the I want to make better choices for the health of both my body and the environment sense.

Shannon touched on this topic, albeit from a different view point, in this post, if you haven't read it yet you really need to go check it out! I have too often let the improbability of something cloud my judgement, and stop me entertaining it as a possibility. I have known for a very long time that less meat, and mostly vegan was the way to go. The advantage of doing a research degree? The answer is access to all the scientific journals. You can bypass all the politicized fluff and get to the meaty goodness of cold hard facts. And I knew the facts pointed to a reduced meat future. But it didn't just seem improbable that a girl who knowingly once ate a formerly beloved pet chicken, and comes from a family where "vegetarian" is a dirty word would ever give up meat, it seemed down right impossible. Also lets face it, meat is yummy.

So the first step of me "getting my act together" (which will from now on be referred to as GMAT) was a simple challenge to myself to try veganism for a week. It took a few tries before I actually managed it for a straight week, but I got there. And with that came the knowledge, that whilst it was improbable it wasn't impossible. At the time I was still living with my aunt and door knocking so being 100% vegan all the time wasn't very practical, but I was 90% vegan 90% of the time. Then when I came home I committed to it on a more full time basis with the exception of fish (I choose sustainable sourced fish of varieties I know aren't endangered) and quorn products (a protein rich meat substitute which contains a small amount of egg white).

Part b) was the focus on a more whole foods diet. Part b proved slightly tougher, I thought I ate mostly whole foods before, and I did, but you'd be surprised how many added chemicals are lurking in "whole foods". I'm now a very selective shopper. It took me ages to find a muslei brand with no added sugar or preservatives. And I've become quite fussy with pasta, in fact often I'll opt for brown rice just because its an easier choice. Now the processed food I eat is limited to bread, dark chocolate and my beloved quorn products (and even those I try to limit to once or twice a week).

My biggest failure continues to be diet caffeine free coke. The aspartame is bad for you. They are basically little cans of carcinogenic chemicals and flavourings and yet I can't give them up! I have managed to cut down to 1 can a day. The next step is a complete cut. 1 step at a time though.

I bet you're finding this all terribly interesting aren't you :p.

Friday, 3 October 2014

Random update...

So recently I've been trying to get my act together, and well grow up.

Before anyone panics, Reginald and I are still besties. Well, I guess not technically as he is a dinosaur who seems completely incapable of forming a loving bond with anyone or anything, but I'm kinda attached to him so I don't let that minor detail get in the way.
He's just so stinkin' adorable! And terribly photogenic!

Anyho, I'm sure you're wondering how I am growing up if I am still messing around with anti-social t-rex's. I am taking control of my life.

For yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeears my life has been dominated by by the pursuit of a reasearch degree which was ultimately doomed. And I don't know whether you guys are familiar with the life of a typical science grad student, but I'll let you into a little secret, they don't have one. No seriously, you work all the time. Not in the "yeah I work so hard I have hardly any me time" sense of the phrase. But in the, "I work all the time I have special out of hours access to the lab and am on first name terms with the night security guards and why yes that is an emergency pillow and blanket you see under my desk" sense.

It all stems from the fact that being a graduate student is like being in the limbo between being a carefree undergraduate and a real-life adult. You are poor, so very poor, like a student, and so you live and eat like a student. But unlike your undergrad counterparts you have real work and responsibilities and little time for drinking. Oh and you don't get the holidays either........ I may or may not have spent more than 1 national holiday *cough* New Years and Easter *cough* in the lab.

Obviously its not all bad. And sensible people who do non-experimental based projects I hear can achieve something called a work life balance. Also there are conferences where you get to go abroad on University dime and consume hedonistic amounts of food and alcohol under the guise of "building relationships with your peers for collaborative studies". There are also freebies. Also You get a qualification which may or may not be of assistance in the job market.

I feel as though I'm losing my train of thought, I do hope you're all with me. To recap: grad school is a life sucking hole with some rewards. 

But I have submitted the thesis at long last.
Also a date has been set for the viva, but lets not dwell on that.
Which means I officially get to move on with my life.

Terrifying really. Because, it involves scary decisions like, what am I going to do, am I willing to compromise where I want to live for what I want to do, what about a social support network will I allow that to factor into my decision and until recently what if the vote for independence goes through will by prospects be better or worse in an independent Scotland. And sooooooo many more questions. Part of what makes me a good researcher is the ability to rationally consider all the possible problems, solutions and ramifications of any single variable. Turns out this can be kind of a hindrance to making life decisions quickly! Which is why I've been a bit of an absentee around here. I was doing so much thinking I couldn't really focus on anything else.

But I love you guys, and know you are endlessly fascinated by the minutiae of my life, so I'm going to catch you all up over the next few days. 

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Well despite a less than perfect week I am ecstatic to report that I'm still down 1lb. 190, so close to being back in the 180s I can taste it!!! 

My brilliant excel page informs me that if I maintain my current rate of loss (averaging 2lbs a week at the moment) for another month I will have blasted off all my summer regain. Which then leaves me November and December to work my butt off to end the year lighter than I started it! i like the excel spread sheet it tells me how much have lost, need to lose and the amount of time it will take to reach my various goals. I like having access to so many stats makes me happy. Also I Like having a plan!

Today I gave blood which I think  totally justifies drinking an entire carton of dark chocolate almond milk. And the fact that I am still upright and able to make coherent sentences proves that it was an excellent move, because normally after giving blood I am worse than useless!

I hope everyone else had an awesome week. And if anyone else would like my super awesome spreadsheet so that they too can manipulate data to their hearts content let me know!


Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I'm a bad blogger

This post is all about my weekend and why I'm a bad blogger. One explains the other, 2 birds, one stone.

This past weekend my cousin came down for a visit and brought her niece, Jorja. Slight tangent here, it was terrifying to see my parents policy regarding other peoples children, basically it's give them all the sugar and let them stay up too late! Anyway back to the point. We went to a local amusement park, Jorja's choice. It was a really fun day.

The bad blogger bit? There was this one family that we kept bumping into that were taking lots of very posey selfies. Instead of thinking "I blog, people like photos to illustrate my ramblings" I thought: "weirdos! why not just enjoy the day without constantly cataloging it?". Thus proving I am missing the essential blogger gene!

Food wise it was a bit of a disaster, i tired my best but at an amusement park its more a case of choosing lesser evils rather than making good choices, especially as picnics are not allowed on the premises.

I was the favourite all day with Jorja. Which would be far more flattering if I didn't know I was the back-up choice. My brother was working on Saturday but had come up to see them when they arrived on Friday night and was an instant hit. He always is with small children, my awesomeness is only recognised by them when he is no longer in the vicinity. It's OK though, I made peace with this long ago. Also  I may occasionally use it to my advantage!

Jorja is a child after my own heart, she had no fear when it comes to the big rides! Which is especially impressive at Blackpool as a lot of the rides haven't been updated since they were first built in 1930 and safety was not a thing that troubled the designers much! 

Anyway, the rides were actually a bit of an nsv for me. A lot of them are very old, and not built to accommodate modern people. But I fit!!! A big deal because even though I'm still packing extra weight, I'm down 30lbs. which represents more than just 30lbs. 30lbs isn't a small amount of weight, but the mental shift that has accompanied it is so much  bigger. Because not once, the entire day did I think I wouldn't fit into a ride. Infact the only reason I really noticed was because at one point I saw 2 girls about the size I used to be (maybe a touch smaller even) struggling to get into the seat.

I've been giving myself a hard time lately over my Summer weight gain, and this just acted as a timely reminder for how far I've actually come.

Yeeesh that got a bit heavy didn't it?

Take-aways, I suck as a blogger and I had a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Please read the following in the voice of Christian Bale's Batman, as I have been reliably informed that this is what I sound like at the moment!

It'w weigh in Wednesday again, and I down to 191. Only 9lbs more to my lowest weight, le sigh!

Actually, pretty chuffed, usually illness has me eating all the things. But clearly I've been keeping my eating under control, because let me assure you there has been absolutely no physical activity, opps!

My goals for this week, keep up the eating, drink more water (seriously for someone who used to drink like a fish I have been really slacking in this area) and do some exercise!!!!

Monday, 22 September 2014

I have the lurgy...

I have a nasty cold.

I can't breath.

I am sneezing constantly.

And worst of all its affecting my sleep. Folks I need at LEAST 8 undisturbed hours of sleep, otherwise I get grumpy.

Also I have totally been using this as an excuse to avoid exercise. Bad Kirsty!

But seriously how did this happen..... it not like I mi with a lot of people. I blame my parents, this is the thanks I get for doing all the cooking!

Well I better get going I need to replenish my tissue supply!


Wednesday, 17 September 2014

weigh in wednesday

Super excited about this weeks weigh in, down 3lbs to 193!!!

So happy, also I'm all mended from my fall. So my goal for this week is to maintain my good eating and start incorporating some exercise. However, I'm not going to be doing 30 day shred or running. 9 months with so much walking has taken its toll on my body, my ankle got sprained towards the end and I kept walking on it so its weak, similarly remember when I developed hip pain from running well towards the end of the summer it was back (probably due to all the walking). So I think it needs a bit of rest and tlc. So I'm going to do Jillians yoga meltdown (yes I finally bought it). I think it will be a proper workout but whilst still being gentle on my body.

So yeah that's the plan! 

How'd everyone else do this week?


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

I've been keeping a secret.....

Reg and I are tree huggers.

Him literally:

Me more metaphorically (although sometimes I do indulge). My family have even accused me of being a professional hippy.

At this point I realise you're all scratching your heads in confusion over the blog title. 

See I've gone vegan. Well sort of. I'm still eating fish, which is distinctly not vegan. But I'm not eating other meat, or eggs or dairy. I've been dabbling with it on and off for a while. But I'm going to give it a real go for 3 months. After that I may re-introduce meat on occasion, or not who knows.

Anyway, I'm sure you wondering why I'm doing this when bacon exists. I do wonder this myself occasionally. It's a mix of reasons. I've been trying to reduce the amount of meat I eat in general for a long time for environmental reasons. A plant based diet produces far less greenhouse gas emissions and uses a lot less water. 

Then I tried veganism for a couple of weeks and I noticed that my eczema started to clear up. I didn't make the connection immediately until I returned to my normal diet and it came back.

So between the guilt of knowing that the best thing I can do for the environment i kick my bacon habit and the allure of clearing up my eczema I've finally taken the plunge.

Having said that I'm not being super strict, I'm still occasionally eating fish. And I'm still eating Quorn, a meat substitute which isn't vegan because it does contain a little egg white.

Anyho, I think that's everything, please don't hate me for crossing over to the dark side ;p


Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Ok, I haven't been so great with the exercise although various body parts are on the mend so hopefully it'll only be laziness standing between me and exercise ;p

Anyway, on to the weigh in 196 lbs, which is down 2 lbs. Why does it come off so much slower than it goes on! Still not a bad result.


Monday, 8 September 2014

its not paranoia if the universe really is out to get you

Sooooooooo the universe hates the idea of me actually sticking to a proposed  exercise regime.

Shortly after my last post, I fell down the stairs. In a impressive way. And by that I mean I have a HUGE bruise on my bahooky that hurts when I move. And I have a matching one on my arm, but its far less inconvenient!

On the upside I've been doing well diet wise so that's good.

Also I saw this is Glasgow a few weeks ago, and realised I had to take a photo for Desiree, enjoy:

Friday, 5 September 2014

Getting my act together!

I know I'm a little late but life has been a tad  hectic lately. I've  once again packed up my car and moved  locations. I am now (for the time being) back with the rentals, and life should theoretically be a little calmer!

So with all the birthday shenanigans and work leaving meals and generally living the high life i knew my weight had been creeping up, still it was a bit of a shock when I stepped on the scale this morning and saw 198!!! YIKES!! That's far too close to 200 for comfort. Ironically though I think it might be a good thing. Let me elaborate: I had been getting very complacent, I've been loving life, feeling like I  didn't look too shabby and I was getting lazy. Even before I went completely crazy in the  past couple of couple of weeks I hadn't been making great choices. So maybe this is just what I need to find my motivation again.

I have a plan:

  • Drink enough water! I never used to struggle with this one until the door knocking job when suddenly drinking gallons of water wasn't an option.
  • Track!  And by extension eat better, because no-one wants to track that they ate 2 packets of  double stuff oreos, not that I'm saying that's something I've done recently.
  • From today I will be doing the 30 day shred. 
  • blog 3 times a week....... this is super important, i need blogging to keep me accountable!
good solid goals that are 100% doable!


Monday, 25 August 2014

life lately.....

It's been a while.... life and  work pesky things that they are, keeping me busy!

Sooooo what's new with me?

Well the keys on my keyboard are still dodge, not only is b still out of action but a couple of other letters, including n,p,q and the space bar are now a tad sporadic, the space bar being the most frustrating.

For a while I was considering moving to Australia, then it turns out the job I was going for wouldn't be financially feasible.

It was my birthday.

I am developing a love hate relationship with the general public.

Life has been getting in the way of health based activities.

I am excited about this challenge:

I will have finished this project at work which will make an exercise routine feasible.

Also I may have a new life plan, prayers and ninja good vibes that it works out  are much appreciated!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Sunday I was off for more adventures with 2 girls from work. Molly: also known as a 20yr old bad influence, and Ann who is the new girl and a transplant from NewZealand. 

We headed into Edinurgh for the fringe. For those of you who haven't the foggiest what  I  mean by that, I'm not talking about the awesome scifi tv show. Its even better than that (a hard thing to  imagine I know). The fringe takes over the whole city for the month of Edinburgh, everything that could be a venue is, churches, abandoned rail cars, children's libaries, pubs you name it they are turned into venues for dance, theater, comedy and music acts. Its as awesome as it sounds. And whats even better a large number of them are free.

The below photos were taken in previous years visits, it was waaaaaay to wet to get my phone out to grab a few shots on Sunday. As you can see the Royal mile is mobbed with people, some are tourists, some are trying to persuade you to see certain shows and some are performers, its pandemonium! 

We went to Frankensteins for lunch. Its one of my favourtite pus, established in 1818!!! How awesome is the building?
Also, it plays the old Frankenstein movie on big screens (silent) all the time and on the hour Frankenstein comes to life, with flashing lights, smoke and thunder. Its pretty much the best place to have lunch! And I've been reliably informed that the cocktails are to die for ;) .

At lunch my faith and dating rules came up....... mainly because Molly brought them up. What followed was the usual grilling, ie hundreds of hypotheticals "but what if......". Which doesn't phase me, I even informed Ann that I doubted she could ask me something I hadn't been asked a dozen times before, and then she did "have you ever thought about becoming a nun?" which was a first for me. Just in case you were wondering the  answer is no. Anyway  she made a joke that she was going to randomly ask guys if they were single and Christian.

We saw a couple of free comedy gigs, which were very good. Then we spent a ridiculously long time in the fudge shop dithering over what fudge flavours to buy, and trying many samples to ensure an informed decision. Anyway we bought a box of slices because it worked out cheaper and left as happy as clams. On the way to the next venue the paper bag that the fudge was in disintegrated in the rain and the box fell to the floor. I kid you not, all three of us screeched "THE FUDGE" as one, such was our distress. Fortunately this story has a happy ending, not only was the fudge OK but a comedian was so amused that she gave us free tickets to her sketch show (which would otherwise had been paid). It was the funniest thing EVER. I laughed so hard I had to be reminded to breath, if that's not the sign of a good show I don't know what is!

At one point we were walling down the royal mile and a young lad approached us to  try and persuade us to go and see his show about WW1. We listened to the whole speil, although he lost us when he said it was paid (We are all poor). At the end suddenly Ann goes, "can I ask you a question, are any of you guys Christian, and single?". I may or  may not have told her she would be walking home. She didn't let it drop either until she got her response, but so taumatising was the experience for the poor lad that later in the day when we crossed paths with him again that he takes one look at us goes "not you guys again" and actually turns around and walks in the other direction!!!!!

We also, managed to get get dinner for £1 each, we had very little time etween 2 shoes  so we ducked into a pizza takeaway and bought a calzone to share which was £3, but the guy gave us another slice (well 1/4 of a pizza) also cut  into thirds on the house, score!

All in all we did rather well out of the fringe.