Thursday, 30 January 2014

cream crackered!

Oh my goodness I just dropped off the face of the planet there didn’t I? I’m so sorry guys, especially to everyone for their sweet comments last week who I have been painfully slow to reply to, it doesn’t mean I love you any less, Promise!

Its been hectic to say the least. We are staying an hour outside of Aberdeen (which is in the far North of Scotland) in the most idyllic little fishing village you have ever seen, but you’ll have to wait till the weekend for pictures as I’ve generally only seen it in the dark lol. But the house we are staying in is RIGHT on the sea. As in there is the sea wall, my car then the house! It’s SO beautiful in the mornings (even in the rain).

The first day was a mix  of training then driving up here. The second day was miserable because it was cold and rained which meant all the pieces of paper we were writing our surveys on got soggy and we were cold through. But the past 2 days have been much drier (only a little bit of drizzle) and therefore much pleasanter. Yesterday we knocked on around 200 houses each! Which means a lot of walking and a lot of climbing stairs because they are often flats!!!

How are things going diet wise, they got off to a rocky start at the beginning of the week but I made a big batch of chicken and veg pie which means I can just re-heat that when I get home. But snacking has been a bit of an issue, alot of chocolate, although thanks to all the walking even with the snacking I’ve stayed within my calorie allowance according to MFP. Still I would like to try and curb that a bit, or at least replace the chocolate with something healthier!!!!

You should be proud I brought all my running gear with me but I haven’t done it yet and I don’t think I will. With so much walking my IT band occasionally aches at the end of the day and I don’t want to piss it off further by running at the weekends. So I’ve found the JM yoga meltdown on you-tube and I think I’ll give it a go.

Right I am pooped so I’m off to bed I’ll check in at the weekend hopefully with pictures, toodles


PS I may be awol but rest assured I’ve still been stalking you all online!

Thursday, 23 January 2014

NSV Thursday

So my NSV this week has nothing to do with weight-loss or even health and fitness: I GOT A JOB!!!!!
Honestly anyone who’s been around these parts for any length of time knows that as a grad student who’s finishing up I have been spending a lot of time job hunting without much luck. So this is just fantastic news.
I have had a tough couple of years. Things at uni have been pretty sucky with lots of supervisorial issues that really knocked me for 6 and since moving home to write up my thesis I have been slowly putting myself back together. Part of that was starting my weight loss journey as I put on 10lbs for every year spent in post-graduate education! Anyway, I digresss the point is it knocked my confidence which has made job-hunting that much more difficult. So getting this job is a BIG deal. It’s 5 weeks up in Aberdeen, going door to door teaching people about how to use the new food waste bins which are being introduced in the area. Side note, food waste is a big deal and in the UK accounts for 1/3 of all household waste. Not only is this a waste of food but it causes problems when it ends up in landfills, by using recycling and composting services you can reduce the amount which finds its way to landfills and end up with some great fertiliser to boot!
It was a brilliant interview, there were only 2 women interviewing me and they were both so nice they really set me at ease and they were super complimentary which is always nice. It’s a great opportunity for me, not only will it give me some great experience in community engagement and a fantastic reference. But most importantly it’s a job doing something I’m passionate about, I believe that you need to educate the general public in order for them to make informed decisions as consumers and service users because it’s them that drives true change through the choices they (we) make. And what’s even more exciting there is the possibility of it leading to more work (but in a different field and in the area all my family live) from May through to the end of August.
So that’s my NSV this week. I’m sad to say that despite resolutions to the contrary my eating and exercise has been baaaaaad. I love being up here with all my family but they areally are a bad influence.  I know I’m in charge of my own decisions, but it’s hard, they make me such lovely meals, and take me out for high tea, and sure I could say no but all the food is so damn delicious!!! Case in point as a celebratory meal my cousin is making me nacho pizza, how yummy does that sound!?! Anyway there is a family funeral this weekend (which means more food). But my new job starts on Monday so I will be miles away from any bad influences and will be able to focus on getting my diet back on track. And as running is still off the cards at the moment (as is JM thanks to all the squats) I’ve decided to treat myself to the yoga meltdown as soon as I get paid!!!!
Right I am dog-sitting today so I better go take the wee beasties out for their walk!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I have no Internet and my phone battery is dying but I just wanted to let you guys know I got the job!!!!!

So exited and relieved, I promise a proper post tomorrow, but I wanted to let you guys know and say thanks for all the ninja interview skill vibes ;) clearly they worked


Monday, 20 January 2014

I am bricking it about my interview folks!

I have prepped answers to all the standard interview questions. I have brushed up on my recycling know-how, what to put into compost and the recycling facilities of Aberdeen, prepped answers to standard interview questions and googled directions. The interview is on Tuesday and if I get the job the training day is at the end of the week and then I would start Monday. The interview is 1 hour North of where my family live (which is 4 hours North of where my parents are), and then the actual post is 4-5 hours North of that! So it makes the most sense to take everything up to my cousins with me today just in case. And I hate packing!!!

OK, I need to get going. Linley doesn’t have the internet (I know what a freak) but I’ll try and use mobile blogger to let you know how it goes on Tuesday!

Friday, 17 January 2014


I hit publish on that last post and then decided to check my emails for thee zillionth time and I had one to say I have an interview!!!!!

So now I want you thoughts and prayers that the interview goes well, because I'm demanding like that ;p

Friday randoms

Sooooo it dawned on me today. I made a pretty exciting purchase just after Christmas and I haven’t shared it with you.

I went to the pound shop and I bought a new phone cover.

A cover so awesome that every time I look at I squeee with excitement.

That’s an actual out-loud squee, not one of those metaphorical ones!

That’s right my new phone cover has 3D dinosaurs on it (they move too).

I know you are all just dying of jealousy over it. I apologise.

What else? My body deciding we need to take a break from running has coincided with the driest week we’ve had in ages, typical!!! It’s not paranoia if the Universe really is out to get you!!! I was talking about this with the ever awesome Desiree and I was saying I’ve always wanted to be one of those yoga girls..... you know the type I mean.... but always fail at the execution. SO maybe this break from running will finally be when I get my act together and commit to doing yoga regularly? One can only hope.

What else I applied for another job (oh so many job applications, I don’t tell you about all of them because that would be dullsville). But this one is a little different it’ a short-term contract (just 5 weeks). The deadline for applications was yesterday. Today I had the weirdest phonecall, they were checking that I was actually available for 5 weeks. I was a little confused and can’t help but think it un-necessary, why would anyone apply for a job where the length, the interview date and immediate start were all very carefully described if they weren’t available???? Anyho, I find out on Monday if I have an interview, and then the interview would be on Tuesday. It would be a great opportunity so your prayers and positive vibes would be very much appreciated.

And in the interest of accountability, which only works if I am actually honest, my whole “snacking has to stop” thing on Wednesday failed. I basically continued to eat my way through Wednesday and yesterday. On the plus side I have now eaten all the snack food, so today on wards should be different! I am finding it so hard to get back on track after Christmas!

Right I’m going to attempt some yoga,



Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Oh my weigh in Wednesday and no progress to report here. My snacking has been out of control this past week, I am determined to get it under control this week. I have done a meal plan, made soup for my lunches and egg muffins for breakfast, so basically I am all set up for a successful week.

I’m feeling motivated to run lately but my body isn’t agreeing. After some internet research my hip/thigh pain may be Iliptibial Band syndrome. I was going to ignore it (I continue to be mature) but it resurfaced yesterday at around minute 18. Most frustrating! Which means rest booooooo! None of this would have happened if I hadn’t been forced to make the switch to the road! I need to find some exercise I can do without aggravating it. I can’t give up on running completely because some friends and I have found an obstacle race we are seriously thinking about doing. Its 10k but is run by army lads who are there in uniform to assist you with the obstacles, this may or may not be the biggest reason we are considering it!

I’m keeping it short and sweet this week, just checking in for the accountability!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

I have a new favourite place!

Soooooo, Not only have I been a bad blogger lately, I’ve been doing pretty awful with my diet too!

Let me clarify, my meals have been awesome, even if I do say so myself, but my snacking has been out of control! And after consulting the internet (which was terrifying) I decided rest from running was needed. But that doesn’t mean rest from all forms of exercise, which is what I’ve been doing, bad bad bad! Needs to stop!


Anyways Saturday some friends introduced me to my new favourite place. Longridge cinema. It doesn’t look like a cinema from the outside:


It’s seriously oldschool! You can buy a mug of tea in the foyer to take in with you. The seats are small and cramped together (apart from the back 2 rows which are sofas). And before the movie starts you have to stand for the national anthem! Oh and it still has the oldschool curtains. We went to see Saving Mr Banks, and I don’t k now whether it was a result of the film or wether the Palace is always like that but the atmosphere was great, the whole cinema chucked together and I definitely wasn’t the only person sniffling at the end. It was in short a lovely experience. And I’m fairly certain this would have still been my opinion without the copious amounts of sugar I consumed!

Sunday there was a dedication at church and so there were alot of extra families and sooooo many babies, it left me feeling seriously broody! Sunday evening we tried out the new wetherspoons in Poulton (for some very scrummy food) before going home for chocolate (crispy M&Ms) and the last part of our Men in Black marathon.

Basically what I’m trying to say is I had an awesome weekend!!!

But it would still have been awesome without all the chocolate. I’m really struggling to break my sugar habit again after the holidays!

Right I’m off to squeeze in a run before darkness descends,


Friday, 10 January 2014

It's Friday!

Oh my I haven’t been a very consistent blogger this week.

So I’m going to take this opportunity to catch you guys up on my week, because I’m generous like that!

Tuesday, I drove down to Manchester to pick up my baby brother with instructions to clear out my car because he was bringing home all his washing (and as it turns out a GINORMOUS crossbow). We headed into town where I bullied him into buying me a starbucks (mmmmm happiness in a cardboard cup). We then proceeded to finish his Christmas shopping! Callum is doing alot of shift work at the moment and had an overnight shift so he was beginning to crash by the time we made it back to my car.

Wednesday my dad came home early from work so he could play with the crossbow. I’m convinced that the only reason doofuss came home was so that he could play with his new toy in the back garden!!! Then doofuss went back to Manchester and Mum and I started our period drama fest with Ruby in the smoke and the first part of a BBC adaption of sense and sensibility. Quick side note The governor from the walking dead is Colonel Brandon and it’s a bit disturbing!

Yesterday was my favourite day. Mum and I watched the next 2 parts of sense and sensibility with a quick run to the village shop for chocolate and wine, the  little lady who runs the offy wanted to come home with us because she thought our evening sounded blissful. We then felt guilty about having exiled my dad from the living room so we finished the night off with the exotic marigold hotel, which was awesome. So basically it was a perfect day lol!

I do have a quick question to pose to you guys first though. I went out for a run yesterday (2 sets of 10mins with a walking break inbetween). Anyway last week on my run half way through the outside muscle on my upper thigh started to ache, and it lasted for a few days. And the last 5 minutes of my run yesterday it started happening again. Does anyone have any idea what’s going on? Do I need to stretch more/better? Take up yoga? Vary my running route because the roads have a significant camber? Any and all suggestions welcome.

Right, that’s you all up to date. I hope you have all had equally as blissfull weeks, or at the very least get to have a blissful weekend!


Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Weigh in wednesday and a Holiday catch-up

Weigh In Wednesday

Firstly, lets deal with weigh in Wednesday.

This morning I weighed in at 183, which is 3lbs higher than my lowest weight before Christmas but about 4lbs down from my highest weight between Christmas and New years, so all in all not too bad! I've been quite good with working out, getting in some form of activity everyday but my eating is still not 100%, need to work on that!

As Shannon so rightly reminded me the other day, I neglected to update you on Hogmanay, and more importantly I haven’t kept you guys up to date with Reginald. I’m not going to catch you up on my Hogmanay because I was a boring person but Reg had a wild night, stumbling home to bed in the wee hours of the morning.

He had family visit over the Holidays.

 Then for Hogmany he found a new friend.
They bonded over some mead (these boys like their alcohol old school).

They pulled a left over Christmas cracker.

As the night wore on he became increasingly attached to his party horn.

Bobba Felt tried to claim it at one point.

This didn’t go down well.

But they hugged it out.

And like so many of the best nights they ended it taking a photo with some rando who Reg has no memory of!

He had a hang-over the next day but claims it was totally worth it!


P.S Yes, I do have too much time on my hands which is why some one needs to hire me pronto!!!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Weekly goals!

Last time I was here I promised to tell you about my weekend. But meh, that’ll have to wait. I also promised some new years resolutions, but here’s the thing, I have never in my life made them. Shocking, I know. I honestly thought this year would be the year it would change I’d make lots of resolutions and become a whole new version of me. But that seemed like a lot of work, and I’m lazy (I guess a normal person would make a resolution about changing that?). So I have one resolution, well it’s really more a goal, to make it to my goal weight by December 31st. It’s completely doable, if I manage a 1lb a week loss I’ll do it with a couple of months to spare, so there’s built in wiggle room!
But that’s an awfully big and long goal, so in the meantime I’m taking a page from Carolyn's book, and making some weekly goals too.
Fitnasty for Life

1)    Log everything in MFP. Tracking works, it helps me actually think about what I’m eating and keeps me accountable. But sometimes it seems like a lot of faff. That’s a terrible excuse for not doing it, so my first goal is to track everything this week, the good, bad and ugly!


2)    Exercise 5 times. It always works better when I exercise. It doesn’t all have to be high intensity like running or JM, this week even hooping counts, which should mean there is no excuse not to manage it, because there is plenty off good tv about this week that I can hoop to!


3)    Watch the Carbs. With PCOS I have been experimenting with differing diet recommendations. One of the things I found really worked before Christmas was cutting out pasta and bread and trying to favour things like brown rice and sweet potatoes. But I’ve gotten lazy and bread has been working its way back into my life, Having it occasionally is fine, having it daily, not so much!

So there you have it folks, some acheivable goals for the week, and hopefully having them written here for the whole of the internet to see I'll stick to them.