Tuesday, 25 February 2014

I've been ill :(

I’m so sorry I dropped off the radar this past week. We didn’t make it to salsa because Rowan wasn’t feeling well. Then on Thursday just before I had to drive us home, I got a cold, it just suddenly hit me. I mean I’d been a bit sniffley all week but nothing of note then suddenly 5pm, my throat started to kill me, my head felt all swimmy and I suddenly couldn’t breath through my nose. Seriously it was that quick! Friday I looked and felt like death warmed up. Oh and did I mention I pretty much lost my voice? I swear I had more people agreeing to re-cycle their food waste simply because they felt so bad for me. For most of the day I was paired with Rowan and the lad felt so sorry for me he was climbing to the top floors (a job we normally alternate).

We finished a tad early on Friday (I think they were worried I was just going to drop, although they still let me drive so maybe they just wanted to skive off early?). But it was Maja’s last night with us (she was moving onto a different post for the last week) so I still went out for dinner at the local pub, though I ended up crashing out pretty early and going home to bed. Saturday, I still sounded dreadful but my head was less funny which is good! And basically I emulated a potato Sunday and  Monday and have been slowly getting better. I still can’t breath but I can now talk!!!!! TMI warning: I producing disgusting amounts of flem which makes breathing/talking awkward. And by the end of the day I am feeling quite pants, but still on the mend!

Now I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling under the weather I want to EAT. And not the type of food that’s good for you either. I have been eating so much junk (or at least not great for you types food, not necessarily junk). I’ve had marcaroni and cheese (at the pub, to Rowans disgust, he couldn’t believe I was having that at a fish place). I had pizza Saturday night. I Bought bread so I could have a sausage butty. Basically all the carbs. All the carbs that I shouldn’t be eating, because I KNOW they don’t agree with my body! And lets not even talk about the PHENOMENAL amount of mini-eggs that have been consumed.

Right just a quick check-in. I’m going to snarf down some food and then probably crawl into bed to watch a film before falling asleep ridiculously early ( like 8pm). Because that’s how I roll!

I’m behind on blog reading......... and I’ve been nominated for the leibster (twice which is sweet), so I’ll get around to that soon too :s

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Today I was a walking disaster zone

Today was a bad day. The kind of day where things spiral and spiral and you have to laugh to keep from crying. OK, that was a bit of an exaggeration, but seriously today was a bit pants. To show you what I mean I’m going to walk you through my day incident by incident.

1)    Woke up and realised that the boots I bought yesterday to replace my current boots were hideously un practical. Honestly I have no idea what I was thinking yesterday when I bought them. I’m walking 4-5 hours a day and yet I buy boots (granted leather) but still boots that do not have sole that will survive this much walking (and no walking boots aren’t really suitable, they aren’t really smart enough).

2)    I realised I fogot to make soup last night for my lunch, d’oh!

3)    I dropped my handbag in a puddle on the way to the car.... its now, shall we say soggy?

4)    Realise 30 minutes into the drive to Aberdeen that I’d forgotten my clipboard with all the info about what doors to knock ect.

5)    Forgot that I get horrible motion sickness and tried to read labels and address’s for the morning’s work of putting up posters. Consequently spent the rest of the morning feeling queasy, with my head hanging out the back seat window, I’m fairly certain I resembled this dog:

6)    I dragged my colleagues to the shopping centre at lunch so I could return my boots and purchase new ones. I walk into the boot shop and who should I discover there? The poor lass who was witness to a boot related meltdown (IN ANOTHER STORE!). When I explained why I was there she just looked at me pityingly and said “yeah I didn’t recommend this brand yesterday for that reason” so basically more fool me.

7)    At some point during my boot trying on frenzy the zipper pull on my right boot disappeared so by the time I reached Clarks (a renowned purveyor of the practical shoe) I was having to request the left shoe to try on rather than the right, which got me a few puzzled looks. I sent the lady into the back for ½ a dozen different boots before remembering that Clarks shoes never quite fit me right at the heel and always end up rubbing!

8)    Finally find a pair of boots (not my normal style but I was past the point of caring) and because of said broken zipper I had to get the sales girl to help me pull my old boots off so I could walk out in them.

9)    Upon joining my (very patient)  colleagues in starbucks I managed to knock over 2 chairs with my bags :s

10) We finally make it home and I manage to slice open my thumb drying the grater.


Today has been a day!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Actually it NEEDS to be better, because we are going to salsa again and this kinda bad luck could prove lethal there!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Weekend catch-up

Sunday evening Maja and Antonise went to salsa. Rowan and I stayed at home. We consider it the ultimate irony that we are both feeling like we are under the weather, the two brits who are supposed to be used to the cold are coming down with a cold and the two from hotter climes don’t even have the sniffles!

My boots died, so I spent most of today looking for new boots, problem is, I hate boot chopping, I have a high instep, a wide foot and fat calves. And I needed a practical boot and preferably leather. I wasn’t quite 100% and ended up with a pair of boots from Dune. After getting home and having a nap I woke up and realised I made a monumental mistake, I need to return them and try again!


This week my goal is to get a grip on the snacking and to try and do JM yoga meltdown at least twice! I also have a job application I need to get in and I need to stop avoiding Uni and just deal with it!

Friday, 14 February 2014

Today you are not getting the blog post you expect

Today you are not getting the blog post you expect.

You are not get a Valentines day related post, mainly because I have no love life to speak of (except the fictional boy drama that exists solely in my own head).

Nor are you getting a post on being single, I’m well on my way to becoming an eccentric and only my deep mis-trust of cats stands between me and being a crazy cat lady, so no-one wants advise on being awesomely single from me.

You are not even getting the post about my increasingly awkward interactions with the cashier at the supermarket we have been frequenting on a daily basis, which was my original plan.

Instead today’s post has been hijacked by the stupid house we are staying in. The heating died last night. We will not have any heating until Monday. And it is snowing outside. So tomorrow (we are working) we are seriously considering going to salsa again straight after work, simply because it’s the warmest place we can think of. So there you go fate wants me to dance. Course I have a theory that she is gutted she let me slip under the radar on Wednesday without causing havoc and she just wants a chance to rectify this state of affairs.

Right I’m off, Maja and I are going to snuggle under the electric blanket we un-earthed in the attic. I want to watch dirty dancing (I forgot to mention that tomorrow night’s salsa session is dirty dancing themed!), however as Rowan may be joining us I’m not sure that will fly lol!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

NSV Thursday

2 posts in one day, aren’t you lucky!
My NSV is actually in the post below (the salsa, not the other thing).
I pushed myself outside my comfort zone, did something new even if it was awkward and uncomfortable at times. In the past I would never have done it, partly because I am coordinationly and rhythmically challenged, and partly because before I started this journey to health I would never have had the confidence to do “exercise” in public, let alone with a bunch of strangers! And letting a whole bunch of guys manhandle me because heaven forbid they touch me and feel my rolls of back fat, gasp!
 I think as I continue this journey to health I realise more and more how important this is. Changing can be uncomfortable and awkward at times, but you shouldn’t let that stop you! Challenging yourself to do something outside your comfort zone is how we grow. Sometimes this means trying a new food, like spinach with which I now have an ongoing love affair, other times it means giving dance another chance. The key is to keep trying new things, some will stick some won’t but over time these wee changes add up to big changes, mentally and physically. So I’m not sure if salsa is ever going to be something I love, but that’s not really the point is it?

I survived!

So, salsa. I’m still here which means I survived!

It was a bit awkward in places, having never been before and only knowing a limited number if moves.So there was a beginners class which Rowan and I attended. It was fun, you swapped couples a lot which is good.Then we watched the intermediate class which Maja and Antonise attended

And then there was the social dance.

Dancing with Rowan was fun, we were hopeless, but had a blast poking fun of our own hopelessness.

 Also in the que to pay I met a young lad, who used to dance but hadn't for years so this was his first time back which was why he was attending he beginners class. Anyway I danced with him a lot at the social. He was nice, a good dancer and very patient teaching me new steps!

There was also an old man, I mean reeeeeeeeeally old, who I danced with quite often who was an amazing dancer and very kind.

I liked dancing with those guys. I guess part of it is they were both non-threatening.

Dancing with some other guys, not so much. Some of them were a bit creepy. And some of the dances felt a tad too intimate, I’m British and therefore naturally squeamish! But other than a lot of squeaking (I have a tendency to squeak when startled, when nervous or when I accidently hit someone else in the face) there were no major disasters (other than the aforementioned hitting someone but he was very kind about it).

The real drama of the night occurred earlier on. Antoinise had been sniping at me all day (often I feel as though I can’t say anything right with him, but it was particularly bad yesterday), which was a bummer because we were paired together. I’m not sure whether he was feeling embarrassed because he forgot his work folder or what but either way it was awkward. We all have a hard time telling if he’s being serious or sarcastic, and generally find him a bit moody but this was taking the biscuit. He really snapped at me in the car before going to the restaurant. So once there I conferred with Maja that a) it wasn’t just in my head that he was being extra snippy and b) that I hadn’t done anything wrong, she said no to both (phew!). He kept sniping throughout dinner and then at one point I’d said that Antonise and Maja could always go somewhere else and grab a snack (dinner was good but small) whilst Rowan and I were at our beginner class and he really bit my head off. Then Rowan lost his cool and basically told him he was being ridiculous and unfair I was just being polite and his behaviour was un-called for and enough was enough. Maja was trying to be nice and was like maybe you don’t mean to express yourself this way but it’s not acceptable. I may have lost my temper a wee bit at one point (his complaint was he didn’t need to be told that that was an option) and said I was being polite, unlike him  who was being unforgivably rude. And he kept saying how am I being rude, and we just looked at him, really you don’t see how you’ve been rude. Eventually I said just to drop it, and write it off as a cultural mis-communication, where he interpreted Brittish politeness for...... controllingness or mothering (I dunno I still don’t get it). So, yeah that was awkward. Fun times!!! But he danced with me at the social later so I guess all is forgiven?
Thankfully today is our day off as we are working saturday, there is no way I could have worked today. I slept so much and woke up with a headache so it would have been miserable today!

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Impending salsa apocalypse!

Shannon, you know how you said that things here were all topsy turvy when politics is a safe topic and relationships aren’t? Well, the madness continues. Antonise is a hard-core capitalist. Maja is a wee communist. And Rowan and I fall on the spectrum inbetween, him on the more capatilist end, me being a socialist at heart (its all about fairness, how could anyone not be) on the communism end. Anyway, the point is, very different opinions, but nice civilised, entertaining and informative discussions were had.

Jump forward to the car journey home, relationships came up again, and once again things got heated!!!! Honestly, I really hope part of it is just cultural cos man do these guys go at it during an argument. It was about marriage, and weddings, and basically Antonise said he didn’t see the point of marriage if you weren’t going to have children, which none of the rest of us got. After that we drifted into the much safer territory of abortions, disabilities and the adoption process.

There really isn’t any point to the above, other than to share the madness.


Anyway. Our working week has been jiggled about a bit, and we will now be working Saturday, which means we are going to have Thursday off instead. So a plan has been concocted (despite my protestations). On Wednesday we’ll work, stay in the city for dinner (its too far to go back home) and then to salsa.
Guys I’m bricking it.
 Maja and Antonise are huge salsa fanatics. Rowan is a poor naive boy who has been duped into thinking this will be fun. FOOL! I know better. It will be a cringe fest. I will inflict multiple injuries, possible to multiple people in the one smooth move (this is experience talking not pessimism). My poor colleagues have been attempting to give Rowan a crash course in salsa and bachata. I’m fairly convinced they think I’m a misery guts because I haven’t been joining in,  just watching whilst knitting my blanket (it’s for their own safety, and mine, I have a healthy sense of  self preservation). But what they don’t realise, I know the basics (thanks to Zumba), it’s not so much that I can’t dance, but rather that when I do chaos ensues (think broken noses, twisted ankles and that’s not including my own injuries).

So folks we need to hope the fairies of grace visit me over night and bestow on me some much lacking grace so I can get through tomorrow evening without incident.

We also need the style fairies to help me come up with the perfect outfit to go from door knocking to salsa. Because folks that one is alluding me!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Weekly catch-up

This week the conversations got little less lofty lol. Poor Antonise was recently dumped. As in 2 weeks ago, yeah that recent. Anyway one of the days we were paired together he seemed out of sorts I pried it out if him (what can I say I’m a ridiculously nosey person) any way since then he’s been a lot more talkative with everyone about things in general, but mainly about how he’s still not over the ex. Anyway, on Friday we were paired together (we take it in turns) and as were had less streets to do than normal we were taking things slowly and talking a lot. And we were discussing relationship related topics, which continued when we were all in the car.

Oh my goodness, they say you should never discuss religion or politics, I say that’s rubbish, you should never discuss relationships. Lets just say it got heated. I introduced the “can men and women ever be friends” discussion, usually its quite light hearted, bad move Kirsty, bad move! I’m not sure how, but from there it came up about how Maja never thought she would get married, and doesn’t believe there is any one person for anyone. So far, so fairly normal right, I mean Antonise disagreed but amicably. Then things got a bit heated, as Maja went onto explain that her husband is the right person for her now, but that he won’t necessarily always be....... which somehow evolved to if she met someone “better” she’d divorce him for the new person, which is where a very European shouting match stated between the two of them. Rowan and I were in the back seat and just looked at each other.

Eventually it was decided they better stop discussing it and should talk about something else. So I then introduced the much safer, if you could have any car what car would you have discussion. Maybe all my friends are abnormally weird, normally this leads us to have long discussions about the pros and cons of various (mostly fictional) cars (side note I ALWAYS want the delorean from back to the future). Yeah, it went down like a lead balloon with this crowd. They all want an electric car, LAME! I DON’T CARE IF ITS GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT THAT’S NOT HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME!!!!!

When we got back Maja’s husband was waiting for us and we all trouped out to the local pub for our tea. The restaurant section was closed but the pub part was still serving a restricted menu (I had the pie, it was insanely good, I also had the chocolate melt, words fail to describe its perfection). Anyway, at dinner the discussion was the much safer topic of politics and we again returned to the theme of whether independence for Scotland was a good idea, and nobody yelled and there was a lot of laughter.

Lesson learnt. Politics good. Relationships bad.

Saturday I shopped till I dropped. I bought wool (I’m making a blanket). I got a yoga block and a speaker (the speakers on my laptop don’t work). Which means I’m all set to utilise our later starts in the morning (they’ve decided to shift our working day a bit) by doing a spot of yoga. I also got my groceries for the week, this weeks meal is vegetarian chilli (although I suspect it will end up more like a spicey veg stew).

Talking of stew I should probably start making it, I really don’t want to but if I don’t I’ll starve tomorrow.


Friday, 7 February 2014

So the other day in response to a post Shannon, quite rightly, wanted to know a) what exactly my dating policies and b) what exactly my religion is. This may be one of the more serious posts I’ve ever written.

First things first: I’m a Christian, Christ died for my sins and yours Christian. Normally I’d say I’m Baptist, but that has weird connotations so that’ll have to do. I’m very open about it and what I believe. Feel free to ask me anything if you want more details. I doubt there is a weird or highly inappropriate question that hasn’t already been asked by my friends (they are totes awesome and don’t believe in boundaries).

Now to the juicy stuff: my dating policies. Sadly I’ve been so indoctrinated that the easiest way to explain them to you is share Mother W’s dating rules (oh come on you didn’t really think it was going to be all serious did you?). Sadly she has never set them out as a whole list, and I rarely remember to write them down, mostly they return to me when the situations prompts it but there are the highlights:


1.    Only date people who share your beliefs

This feels like a rule although I never remember it being expressly said. In fact in recent years as her desperation to marry me off increases she’s even (half-heartedly) tried to get me to abandon it, so maybe it was never her rule, but its definitely mine. It’s the rule I think most people struggle to understand, my bestie (bless her cotton socks) still can’t get her head around it and is constantly trying to nag me into dropping it, but I can’t. There are lots of reasons, some lofty, some not so much. But what it boils down to is I can’t imagine not being able to share something that is such a big part of my life with the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.

2.    Dating is to work out who you’re going to marry.

I know this is a thing that has become very popular in American circles (where dating in general just seems WEIRD) but before it hit the big time my mum was drumming this into me. You date someone until you know if you could marry them, if the answer is yes, you stop dating and get married, if the answer is no you break up. This doesn’t mean you can’t date a lot, by all accounts my Mum was a fox and dated a lot, but you shouldn’t be dating purely for fun.

3.    Breaking hearts might be fun, but you shouldn’t do it.

Be nice, everyone (even boys) have feelings and you should always be nice. Be nice when politely declining their offer to take you out. Be nice and kind and considerate of their feelings whilst dating. And definitely be nice when breaking up with them. You should never ever mess with someone else’s feeling just for fun, however tempting it may be.

4.    Only date people whose friends and family you’ve met: this way they are less likely to turn out to be an axe murderer!

I like to think that the idea behind this one is that if you know a person’s friends and family you are more likely to see their true self, rather than a front. Of course knowing my Mother it could be as simple as making it harder for them to kill you without it leading back to them


5.    The guy makes the first move.

Of course as I’ve gotten older (and she despairs of ever me ever producing her much wanted grandchildren) she has attempted to back-peddle on this one but too late its engrained. The guy should make the first move, take the initiative, take the lead. Besides which that’s hot!


6.    Sex is for marriage.

Let me preface this with I don’t judge anyone else’s choices, see above statement about friends without boundaries, nor do I ever think anyone else should have the same rules. But for me this is a rule I abide by. Partly because I believe it to be true but I fear mostly because it’s been drummed into me from such an early age that I think I would spontaneously combust should I ever attempt it. I mean we are talking about a woman who even managed to shoe horn a reference into the transformers  movie! The indoctrination is to such an extent that I still can’t watch soaps without hearing my mum’s voice saying “they wouldn’t be in this pickle if they’d waited until they were married”.

7.    Couples should be aesthetically pleasing.

This one is weird, and I only really noticed it in recent years, but she is OBSESSED with people looking right together. For example my cousins current boyfriend is clearly a winner because they look right together. In my mum’s wee world this means the guy is bigger, taller, fatter whatever. But also she quite  likes it when faces match, for example James and Emma don’t fit the above rule, but their faces match (they are both smiley people) so that makes it OK. This is not a rule I follow, but I just wanted to share the crazy so you guys can understand how comparatively normal I’ve turned out.


I’m sure there have been more “rules” doled out at various points over the years but clearly they haven’t stuck. In fact the axe murderer one is probably the one that is going to haunt me forever.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

NSV Thursday!

Not having access to a scale, and feeling like I am constantly eating means that this link-up is especially important to me this week. It’s good to be reminded that my health journey isn’t dictated by the number on the scale and that I have done a lot of things right this week.
So my NSV this week has been my meals.
It would have been so easy with this new job to slip into using ready meals, especially as it is only for 5 weeks. But instead I have made 1 meal at the beginning of the week, packed full of veg and lean meat, which I have then had every night (just varying the accompaniment, sweet potatoes, rice, lentils, cous cous). I have made soup for my lunches, making it every few days or so and make sure I always have yoghurt in for my breakfast. I’ve even made egg muffins and 100cal choc muffins for some of my snacks. Its been a real challenge, planning ahead so I have the ingredients in to make a bulk meal, working up the energy to make it when all I want to do at the weekend is slob about, its my NSV!
And what has been really nice to hear, is that seeing me do this has prompted some of my colleagues to make better choices, Maja kept going for  quick (though still reasonabley healthy) options last week, but said that seeing me cook has prompted her to make more of an effort.
Right it has to be short and sweet tonight I’m afraid, Maja’s husband is coming up to visit her this weekend as it’s his Birthday and she wants me to teach her how to bake a cake, or more specifically how to make chocolate avocado cake!

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Weigh in Wednesday

Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh in Wednesday! I wish I could weigh in. This post is really messing with me health wise. Because we’re outside all the time I’m conscious about how much water I’m drinking, or rather not drinking. Carrying it, and accessing the facilities is a nightmare!

And I’ve gone from being a lazy bum of a student who literally sits at my laptop all day to spending my entire day walking. So I’m hungry ALL the time. SO I’ve upped what I eat, possibley too much although I remain within my calorie allowance according to MFP. But I’m not making the wisest choices with the foods I’m eating, so I’d really like to see how this is affecting me on the scale.

Any way short and sweet today. I just wanted to to check in for accountability.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

I need hazard pay!

Soooooo Shannon asked some questions that really deserve an answer, but they are going to wait for another day, I have something far more important...... why I need hazard pay! No really. Because we only have a limited amount of time I will recount all the things that happened Monday that demonstrate why I need it:

·         Getting into the bath for the morning shower, the foot inside the bath slipped causing me to whack the knee of the leg on the floor into the side of the bath. I’ve just checked, I have a whopping great big bruise.

·         I heated up my soup for lunch, but spilled it all over the floor, the work, top and my boots. And all this happened before I even attempted to pour it into my thermos.

·         We are knocking on doors. My knuckles are killing me!

·         We are constantly trying to enter blocks of flats, which means pressing the buzzer and hoping some kind soul takes pity on us and lets us in, usually this involves explaining who we are, and why we’re there. Occasionally though someone will let us in without waiting for us to explain. Often, I will be leaning against the door when this happens, and invariably when it gives way I fall flat on my backside!

·         Conversely sometimes they are so stiff that the only way to gain entry is to throw yourself at the door using your body weight as a battering ram.

·         I have an un-canny ability to trip over thin air. With all this walking around the city the frequency of this happening seems to have increased!

·         I yelp when I trip or fall. I do this so often going up and down all the flights of stairs that my colleagues have stopped checking if I’m OK. If I do seriously hurt myself it will be a while before they come to find me.

·         Linked to the above is when steps give way on me. Some of the buildings in are oooooooooold. Some are old with the original fixtures, including the carpets on the stairs. Occasionally (usually on the way down) carpets will move with you as you walk, this has the propensity to send me flying.

·         Spiral staircases...... seriously how do people navigate these without one foot constantly slipping off the narrow end of the step!!!

·         Doors. Again. I can’t even tell you the number of times I have been attacked by a door trying to leave a building. Some of them are so stiff you have to jerk them open, others have such a complicated lever/lock combo that a finger invariabley gets trapped between 2 of the mechanisms.

·         The cold. And the wet. It’s wreaking havoc with my skin and I’m going through hand lotion at a rate I previously would have sworn to be humanly impossible!

So that’s it.

Do you think I deserve hazard pay too? Granted I’m not sure whether the hazard pay should be for work or just for getting through life as me?


Sunday, 2 February 2014

life up-date and photo dump

So I may have been slow this week on the blogging front but i promise this post is either going to make up for it, or cure you of ever wanting to read my blog again ;p

Living with my colleagues (there are 4 of us) has been super interesting. Some of them have had incredible lives which leads to truly interesting conversation. Slight deviation from the topic, my faith and belief has already come up on a couple of occasions, partly because I am open about it but also because once again people seem fascinated by my dating policies!  I really hope that there are more opportunities to share my faith and the gospel with these people. Anyway, back to  my original point, living with such interesting people has led to a lot of interesting discussions on a wide range of topics.

There has been a lot of discussion about environmentalism and sustainability . We discussed the ethics of the local oil industry. Our thoughts on conservationism, and the types of jobs available in the sector. We talked about agriculture and farmers attitudes to the environment (quite split here). And about how our choices as consumers affect the world as a whole. We talked about our diets and how that impact upon the environment, and how do we strike a balance between eating what we want and what we know to be good for us and the environment. Rowan had talked about how recently he was challenging himself to eat a mostly vegetarian diet and earlier Maja and I had discussed my diet (she’d noticed how calorie conscious I was and couldn’t believe how much weight I’d lost) and how I struggle to eat a low carb/grain diet without over-reliance on meat and dairy. One of the guys did his undergrad dissertation on the ethics of silver mining which was very interesting and led to a discussion about the problem with the term ethical. Some fair-trade mining companies aren't every efficient and therefore cause more environmental degradation but treat their employees far better. Then we moved onto the ethics of diamonds ect. It has just been super interesting and definitely forced me to evaluate some of my choices as a consumer.

Some of these conversations occurred over the course of the week but on Friday we went to the village pub/restaurant for dinner where we really got into politics. Side note, rowan claimed his meal (fish pie) was better than everyone else’s, we didn’t believe him because our meals were good, but then we had a bit and it was amazing! Maja is from Spain and we discussed at length whether Catalonia should gain independence, then moved onto whether independence for Scotland was a good idea (again we were very split over this one). We had a heated discussion about the policies of the EU and Angela Mercle in particular. We talked about how the UK is better (and worse) than Antonies (from Cyprus) and Maja expected, and they praised the democratic system we have here and how comparatively un-corrupt it is. Which of course led to a discussion about the role corruption has played in their respective countries. And we discussed the frustration cultural stereotypes can cause.

And now I’m going to bombard you with photos!

These were taking on Saturday and Sunday, one wild weather day and one glorious weather day, but both of them show how lovely the village is!