Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is "crazy dinosaur lady" a thing?

I think I may be turning into a crazy dinosaur lady. 

Is that even a thing? 

I think I may be making it a thing :/

On Sunday the weather was really nice. A normal person would go outside and just enjoy the sunshine. Me? My first response was to go outside and take some photos of Reg in the garden.

I wonder whether there is some sort of help group I should be going to?


Sunday, 27 April 2014

Procrastination productivity

It never ceases to amaze me just how much I can achieve when I’m trying to avoid doing what I’m supposed to be.

Today is an excellent example of this.

I have finally copied all the CD’s onto my hard drive. This has been on my to do list for probably a year, and I’ve finally done it woooo! I then proceeded to make mix CD’s for in my car because I’ve destroyed and/or bored of all the ones currently in my car.

I organised all the jobs I want to apply for. They are now on an excel spreadsheet, with the job title, location, salary and application link, organised in date order. (Yes I am very aware this is sad).

I then decided it was time to get organised with the blog. So I spent longer than I care to admit making the new heading. It was only supposed to be a draft to see if I could do it but then Reginald saw it and demanded it be made permanent. I’ll try to smarten it up at some point, probably next time I really need to procrastinate. I had wanted to give the blog a complete over-haul, but all the tutorials I found to achieve the look I wanted were for wordpress. Making a switch at this stage seems a bit extreme. I’ll save that for when Reginald achieves world domination and this blog becomes mandatory reading! However, if anyone has any nifty tips for blogger customisation please share. Also I’d love to be able to change the font of all my previous posts, so if anyone know how to do that I’d love you forever!

Then I decided it was about time I started using bloglovin properly, at the moment I just read everything via blogger, which meant finding all the blogs I currently follow on their site. I read far more blogs than is healthy I’m sure because it took a very long time! All these poor people are going to think I’m a new follower. Which leads me to my next point, I need to get better at commenting on blogs.

I bought a new theology book. Well that makes it sound more intellectual than it is. I bought a book on Biblical womanhood. Which makes it sound stuffier than it is. I bought a new book which looks great, and lets leave it at that.

I treated myself to a new album. It’s a compilation album and it’s just choc-full of songs that I know I’m going to love. It’s been such a long time since I bought some new music I’m deliriously happy.

I did some online banking, which made me regret the above lol.

I booked my next blood donation session, and put it in my phone calendar so I won’t forget it!

And I switched around all the music on my phone and transferred over a new running mix which means no excuses not to run!

However, I did not work on my thesis or actually apply for any jobs. Opps!
Obviously it’s too late to start any of that now so I may as well relax for the rest of the night. I can always try again tomorrow ;)

I'll leave you with this delightful selfie. I was forced out of my PJs to go out in public on Friday night and I wasn't best pleased, but more on that tomorrow!


Saturday, 26 April 2014

a very late Easter weekend re-cap

Firstly I said I’d be doing more posts and then disappeared for a few days. 

Let me explain. 

I LOVE working to music. In fact if I need to really knuckle down and do some work it has be Paul Simon and Phil Collins (a habbit developed when I was 15 I haven’t been able to shake). Anyway asides from serious work I always love music in the background regardless. Problem is my laptop is dying. The keyboard has already been replaced once and some of the keys are starting to dislodge again (I seriously have no idea what I do to them), the cd drive no, longer works (I have an external one), same goes for the mouse but the most problematic failing is the sound. The speakers no-longer work at all, and for a while I could get away with listening via-headphones, but now the headphone port is getting extremely temperamental, it has to be in the exact right position and apparently it can no-longer cope with you typing, or rather resting your wrist on the edge of the lap top whist you type, instead you have to suspend your hands above keyboard which results in a hunt and peck style of typing, not good. Anyway, that's my excuse!

Sooooo I was racking my brains for something to tell you (other than my laptop woes) and it dawned on me I haven’t told you about my Easter. I’m currently on a break from work, the next stint starts in a week. So the Monday before Easter I came home, and my parents left for a wee holiday (I’ve tried not to take the timing personally). I had a few blissful days to myself before my brother announced that he was coming home (not to see me obviously, but the village pub, priorities people).
Anyway, he came home on his motorbike for the first time, after an all night shift. As ever demonstrating EXCELLENT decision making skills. And proceeded to go straight to bed, well, after he managed to coerce me into doing some laundry for him whist he was sleeping (still not sure how he pulled this off). He woke up in time to go to the pub, and Saturday was pretty much a rinse and repeat. 

When I woke up Sunday the house stank, he burnt the pizza he decided to cook thanks to the drunken munchiees, the smell still lingers despite the bazillion candles I've been burning. I got back from Church to find him feeling a tad worse for the wear, and basically in no fit state to drive back down to Manchester for work that evening. So I drove him, in return for starbucks, what can I say I’m a cheap bribe. 

Before leaving, I asked him if he knew the way, he claimed he did. Spoiler alert he didn't! We ended up taking a scenic detour through Manchester city centre (idiot). Anyway, I think I’m just dumping him at his flat, silly naive me. What actually happened was I had to wait whilst he showered and got ready for work and then give him a lift there. Well, I have no idea where his work is in relation to the rest of Manchester (which to be honest isn’t saying much, I find Manchester a super confusing city). And the GPS on my phone was refusing to co-operate and I managed to get VERY VERY lost! In fact I got so lost that I had to stop and get petrol (OK I probably would have needed to do that  anyway). And proceeded to have an extremely awkward conversation with the petrol station guy:

Guy:  Pump?
Me : 5 please (normal thus far)
Guy: Chocolate?
Me: no thanks
Guy: Cola, its on offer?
Me: no ta, just the petrol
Guy: did you know it’s your Easter today (he was foreign which I’m assuming is why he said “your” easter, sorry I digress)
Me: Yup (with accompanying awkward smile)
Guy: you live local?
Me: nope just dropping off my little brother, do i just put my card in the reader (desperate attempt to steer the conversation back to the petrol, because where else would your card go other than in the card reader, its one of my pet hates when cashiers say just put your card in the card reader, I always want to reply snarkily)
Guy: you visit him often?
Me: not if I can help it
Guy: You’re looking very nice today
Me: errrrrrrm thanks?
Guy: pretty dress
Me: I quite like it, right byeeeeee (flees the scene quickly)

This really doesn't do justice to just how uncomfortable and awkward an interaction it was! I then proceeded to eat an entire bar of chocolate to recover from the whole ordeal.
I find dealing with general members of public awkward sometimes, maybe I should reconsider going into community engagement after all?
And then discovered I had gotten so lost I’d crossed the city boundary into Southport, which actually made it easier to find my way back to the motorway!
Right I think that’s quite enough for one day,


Wednesday, 23 April 2014

So I owe you guys an apology.

I have been so far off the rails recently that I couldn't even see the track anymore. And then I got home, stepped on the scale and reality bit me in the bahooky...... hard. And then I was super embarrassed, and frustrated, and thought I’d just avoid letting you know how bad I’d messed up, fix it in private and then come back here once I’d lost the gain and I could just pretend nothing went wrong.

But then I realised that I was being a HUGE numpty. The whole point of blogging is to be honest, so that you can be held accountable and have the support to get back on track. And then I was reading one of my favourite blogs and she pretty much said the same thing which really cemented my resolve to come clean.

So here it is. 192lbs. Which is 2lbs down from where I weighed in last week, but still 7lbs up from where I was before! Which is very frustrating. But getting back on track has been sooooooo hard. I was eating with abandon before and now I’m paying for it, the cravings are crazy. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but it seems like its a million times worse at the moment, in fact I’m just thinking about food all the time. Does anyone else find this, that after they have been eating poorly for a while when they do get back on track they are left with all these cravings???
Oh well, I have a meal plan for the week, which is always a good place to start. And I need to start re-introducing exercise as well.
BUT, sorry I’m a little bit scatterbrained today, I just wanted to clarify whilst I’m embarrassed and disappointed about the weight gain I’m not depressed because I know what I need to do to shift it. And more importantly I know I can, I’m still down 30lbs, I just need to knuckle down and stop procrastinating (that’s a general life rule for me lol). Which is a good place to be mentally I guess.

Anyway, Part of getting back on track means getting back into the swing of blogging regularly, so you'll be hearing a lot more of my random musings again.


Thursday, 17 April 2014

The one where Reg takes over...

I decided it was about time that I graced this inferior blog with my presence so the puny human is being my scribe today.

Before we move on I feel we should discuss the puny human, always a pathetic example of your species, it has been exceptionally so lately. Some palaver over being permanently homeless and something about a (presumably) pathetic example of the male of your species, to be honest I wasn’t really listening, the power ballads and the weeping were mildly amusing (eds note: this is a complete exaggeration there have been no power ballads). And you know how this silly little blog is supposed to be about weight loss, well for the last 2 weeks it has been anything but in these here parts. So I have been very helpfully singing “who ate all the pies” every time I see her, I don’t think she appreciates it as the motivational tool it is. Anyway all this talk of the puny human is terribly dull.

I have been having many adventures.

I very much enjoyed the view from our balcony. 

When we were in Aberdeen I made some friends, with some judgemental china cats we discovered in the hallway of some flats, we mocked the general patheticness of humans, most enjoyable.


I also had a fun time visiting the lowalnds:

I met "Nessie", but this fiend in an imposter, I have met the real Nessie and She is far superior to this: 

And have been graciously posing for pictures all over the country. The pathetic human complains and fails to appreciate the glorious gift I am bestowing on her (eds note: there were other people around in these places and I was having to contort myself into very strange shapes to get the photo, so any crankiness was entirely justified).

The puny human says she has other things to do, and that I must sign off, I will punish her severely for this insubordination, but in the mean time I will concede this battle.

Signing off your benevolent and magnificent ruler
His Royal Highness Reginald
(I decided I was befitting of a Royal title)

Monday, 7 April 2014

I am an incompetent adult........

It is entirely possible I am the worst blogger ever!

I have excuses, would you like to hear them?
I am tired. My working hours are 10-6 which with commuting is really 9-7. And I spend those hours walking around (and going up and down numerous flights of stairs).
Did I mention I’m tired?
But maybe, just as big as those excuses is, the fact that I am not getting back on the wagon. I keep swearing I will. But I just can’t seem to get it together. I think part of it is that I’m hungry all the time. Like all the time. The other part is a combo of tiredness and laziness. I’m soooo tired when I get in I don’t want to do any other exercise or make wise food choices.

How do you fully functioning adults do it?

Seriously, how do you hold down jobs and find the time/energy/ werewithall to prioritise a healthy life style.

Please send help.

Ps I have a post about reg planned, one day you will get to see it.