Friday, 30 May 2014

NSV: un-expected attitudes


This will be short and sweet as I have 30 mins before I need to get to work (and I'm not showered yet), but my NSV for the week actually happened yesterday and it really floored me!

As ,ost of you know I pretty much spend all day walking around knocking on doors, sometimes this involves flats and therefore stairs. Yesterday one of my colleagues who is 3 years younger than me was grunting and groaning as he was making his way to the top floor (we take it in turns), Being the kind an nurturing soul that I am, I promptly informed him he sounded like an old man and that it was ridiculous because he's the young one. 

And this folks is part a of my NSV because his response was "yes, but you eat healthily and exercise and are therefore fit".

Which leads to part b of my NSV, which was realising that whilst I still struggle with this self image I have of being fat and being viewed as such (and all the assumptions that usually go with it that you must lazy un-fit and eat poorly), others don't see that when the look at me. They see someone who eats well (most of the time) and who is fitter than most of her colleagues. And that guys is defiantly the little boost I needed after my hiatus from good choices.

Pretty cool eh?

Monday, 26 May 2014

It's a bit strange up North......

...... the weather that is! Monday and Tuesday it was absolutely sweltering. I was stripping down to as few items of clothing as possible whilst remaining decent. I was also applying factor 50 like it was going out of fashion (did I mention there is nasty rumour that I may be allergic to the sun?).

Monday night I skipped an evening walk in favour of baking banana bread and keeping an eye on Rowan's roasting chicken. I also continued my progress through a not so great book. The bloke is dying of cancer but was also dithering over making a move on the love of his life, very frustrating stuff!

Tuesday I did go for a walk, with Grant. Nice guy, but very odd duck. Very odd. Didn't wear any shoes, but then kept complaining how painful it was on his feet. Takes all sorts I guess. I did see a pod of dolphins pass by when we were admiring the view from the cliffs, not a single photo though as they refused to stay still an pose for one. Terribly rude behaviour really.

The above mentioned bow and fiddle.

You can barely see it here, but there are different coloured stones arranged on the beach to look like the moon and the sun.

That rock isn't actually white, that's bird poo.

Then the temperature suddenly dropped so we walked back.

This was the start of things to come. Wednesday was decidedly cooler and over-cast. I also made vegetable paella for everyone. Even grant, who didn't eat a single other vegetable all week, enjoyed it (seriously how do you eat no veg for a whole week?). We followed it up with ice-cream and Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.

Thursday was just downright cold. It went from 26' at the beginning of the week to 5 at the end, which came as quite a shock to the system.  I had to retrieve a blanket to snuggle under whilst we watched part 2 of HP, I just could not warm up! Also I went to the chippy for everyon's orders and got given free chips and curry sauce because i refused to believe it could be as good as chips n' gravy. It was good but not quite up to chips n'gravy standard, but still freee chips! Also it did not stop raining. Not once.Until Friday afternoon, just as we were going indoors for a meeting, typical really!

Very pretty area in general. Full of castles and hills and secluded beaches. And whiskey distilleries. So very many whiskey distilleries. I had no idea there were so many. I mean really there can't be a need for that much whisky surely??? But if you like whiskey at all you should totally go!

someone should buy me a new camera so that I can take proper photos.

Desiree and Shannon demanded photos.

And I do have some. But not nearly enough. Firstly because I STILL haven't fixed my camera, to be honest I'd probably be better getting a new one. Also because the weather failed to co-operate. And finally because the most spectacular scenery was whilst we were driving. Oh and I guess working the whole time we were up there didn't help. Pesky job getting in the way of sight-seeing.

To set the scene. There was a team of 4 from my company, henceforth to be known as the crack team. Consisting of a team leader (i.e meeeeeeee, woooo for having new things to spin on the 'ol CV), Rowan (i.e Lurch, doofuss, numpty, human dustbin ect ect), Dave (the driver, retired bloke does this work to earn pennies for holidays/as a favour to the big boss) and Grant (poached from the other team because we were short a body).

We arrived in the middle of nowhere (ie our accomodation) on Sunday night. The young 'ens went straight for a walk leaving the old man to wrestle with the kettle.

Luckily we were far enough north, and late enough in the year that it was 10ish before dusk hit. Also because I am 12 I find the fact that a boat is named fertile, highly amusing.

And thus ended the first day.

brain explosion

I have missed you all soooooo much.

I'm slowly catching up on blogs, but there is still a long way to go (perhaps a sign I read too many). However, I did read Shannon's latest post and its awesome and expresses everything I wanted to say. Which is handy really, saves me having to try and write a post about it. So go check it out here.

There is soooo much to say.

The great job hunt of 2014 continues. My current job ends in August. My current boss is absolutely convinced that I will find a new job before then, which as Rowan pointed out it's nice someone actually thinks that. In the meantime there have been LOTS of rejections. Some more painful than others.

As you might have gathered from the above statement, this guy is back:

Or rather was. He's gone again. He joined me for the work up in Elgin and has now slinked off to live under his rock again (side note that's really not far from the truth, boy is WEIRD).

Last week was intense. Lots of mileage traveled, not just travelling the length of the county up to the site but once up there, because they have acres and acres of space and not a whole lot of people, all the towns are very spread out.

Once again our accommodation was in a picturesque tiny fishing village miles from anywhere (I'm beginning to think Emily has a fetish).

Don't worry a second, picture filled post is on the cards, with excessive amounts of sea shots and poor attempts at tourist information. I may or may not be procrastinating.

I have eaten so many fish suppers lately(chunky fries and battered fish for you heathens that don't know any better) I should be embarrassed. Note that I said I should, not that I actually was.

My diet has gone so far off course that the cute t-shirts I bought from H&M a couple of months ago are dangerously close to not fitting. To echo Shannon's mantra "enough is enough". But it's OK I have a plan. It involves swallowing my pride, more on that to follow.

Right folks that was a whistle-stop tour of what I got up to whilst in exile.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Contrary to popular belief there are still places without internet!

This is a very quick post to say I'm still alive!

I was up on the very northern most coast of Scotland for work and there was no wi-fi, no mobile signal and definitely no 3G. I've been completely cut off from the world and it was horrible!!! lol. 

Actually it wasn't that bad, but I seriously missed my early morning blog reading.

I will attempt to catch-up on my reading this week and tray and get a post in too!


Thursday, 15 May 2014

The internet is eating all my witty comments

This is quick, because I am about to collapse into my bed from complete and utter exhaustion. However, I wanted to take the time to share that bloglovin hates me.

Yes, it is possible for what is basically a glorified equation to hate a person.

I have been reading most of my blogs on my phone via bloglovin. So far so good. But as I said I would a week ago I've been trying really hard to be better at commenting. And I have been. But for some reason, when i access the blog's original site through bloglovin, and leave a comment....... something gets lost in cyber-space. And that carefully crafted and gloriously funny comment, which I think has been left, never actually makes it.

This distresses me greatly. I don't like to think that the world is being deprived of my wit. So if anyone know how to solve this I'd be ever so greatful.

Until then, know that I am alive and as funny as ever ;P

Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend catch-up


This weekend I changed residencies for a few days so I could look after my cousin's dogs. Different cousin, though also called Lindsay.

Oh my goodness the difference in the dogs is phenomenal. Both lots are needy but in different ways. Molly and Daisy will demand your attention (usually in the form of petting) by either head-butting (Molly) or tapping your hand with a paw (Daisy). And they aren't shy about it, but I guess because they are older and lap dogs, or maybe because the attention they want is just to sit and be stroked for a few minutes, it feels a lot less demanding!

Friday, when I re-located Linley was still there. She ended up having to babysit for 2 of her friend's children, so it was take-away and ice-cream followed by frozen. Saturday she left for a wedding down in leeds at the crack of dawn. Molly, Daisy and I made the most of her Sky box and caught up on Game of thrones. Then I went down to the other Linely's.

Whilst she was away her kitchen cupboards were all painted.It makes a HUGE difference to her kitchen, you would think it was a completely different place. My aunt wanted everything to be put back to rights before she got home so she would get to see it at its best. So a significant portion of the day was spent washing all her dishes and putting them back in cupboards. And then putting all her food back too. You think you know where everything goes in someones kitchen until you have to do a job like this lol! I think we did a good job with the dishes but I know for a fact the food is all worng :s . I then attached all her new handles whilst my aunt cleaned out her bearded dragon's cage. Soooooo many handles, soooo much screwing!

I was tired after all that so the rest of my afternoon looked like this:

and this:

and this:

I know its blurry but it's just too cute!

Then Daisy and I (molly can't walk that far) walked to the shop for supplies. On the way there Daisy was struggling, its a reasonable walk and the hill is VERY steep. On the way back I was struggling lol! Bottles of Irn bru were on offer so I bought 2 (Linley's favourite pop, well, that and the fact I'd polished off a bottle!) plus a couple of other groceries, completely forgetting I had to carry them all home!

Daisy is so well behaved on the lead, it was a such a nice change. She always liked to use the full length (until she got tired that is) but never pulled, never strayed off the pavement and always sat down before crossing a road. Such a sweetie!

They aren't always little angels though, every time they see something out the window, a cat, a car, a person, a bit of rubbish, they bark. A lot. I mean alot alot. And it takes them a very long time to stop. We may or may not have sat with the curtains closed for a considerable amount of time because I was fed-up of the noise. But they do make you feel loved so I guess it all works out ;p

Sunday, I went across to a friends/old ministers church. It was lovely, a bit too far to go every week but worth it to see him, his wife and their 4 children, last time I saw them they only had 1!!! I stayed and had lunch which was loveley, I was a big hit with the girls because I wear earrings. By the time I got back Linley was home and we had a lazy evening watching catfish lol! I ended up staying another night simply because I was too lazy to leave.

The next morning I all but managed to escape without waking her, until the dogs heard the front door and that set them off barking, opps!

and now you have to pretend its wednesday

I'm going to continue writting these posts in the order they should have been written, and ignore the fact I've missed a week. So If you'd all pretend its last Wednesday with me this would go a lot better........

No way in wednesday for me because I haven't got scales here! I may need to invest in some. My meals have been fine this week but I've been snacking a lot, and not necessarily making the best snack choices. However I'm back to walking 6hrs a day soooooo I like to think it'll balance out, it would be nice if I had a scale to confirm this or let me know that it's just wishful thinking. 

In other news this beastie has been plaguing me this week!

She  normally splits her time between my cousins and my aunt (when Linley is at work). But Linley is in Paris this week so Izzy has been here all week. She's only a year old so she's still a puppy really, but it is so hard to remember that when she's asking you to throw the ball for the gazzillionth time or has eaten your shoe. She's such a dork. You can't see it in this photo because she has just been told off for tracking mud all the way up my cousins stairs but she has the biggest dumbo ears that stick right up. But if you say "ears Izzy" she lies them flat against her head! 

Mostly she's so naughty because she has a lot of energy, so we've been going on quite a few walks this week. She hasn't really got the hang of walking on a lead and if it wasn't for the fact she's made to wear a harness she'd probably choke herself from pulling at the lead! However we went into the shop to buy a few bits and bobs and she was left outside tied to a post, and she managed to wiggle out of the harness and run amok!!! We still can't figure out how she managed it but she did it to my aunt again yesterday! If I could train her to walk on the lead properly I'd try running with her which I think would do us both some good but I don't see that happening in the near future!

Until then we will keep playing endless games of catch in the house.  I'll just have to continue to throw he ball under things so she has to crawl to reach it, that usually slows her down a bit! Otherwise she's going to give me tennis elbow!

pretend this is a week ago......

Hellooooooo I'm still alive.

To make up for not posting at all last week I'm going to post 3 separate posts today, because that's how this blogging thing works right?

Todays's post: Last weekend recap.

On my drive up North I stopped in to see my friend Kat. Kat is awesome. She's a vet, one of the most intelligent people I know and plays rugby like the badass that she is. Seriously, its not just me that thinks that, she has more player of the match awards than I care to count. 

Anyho, she also happens to be my oldest friend. We met at 6th form (we'd have been 16ish).  We used to buy a tub of ben and jerry's and go sit on the castle walls and eat it every friday. Fun fact: Lancaster castle is the last working castle in the UK, its a working prison and magistrates court.

I have gone off topic. She's now a vet in Carlise and was supposed to be on call the day I was travelling North but said to call in anyway. I did. I hung around for 4 hours in my car waiting. Every time she even got close to the village she'd have another call out. Her neighbours must think I'm a right weirdo because I was having a wee picnic (eating all the brownies that were supposed to be for her) drinking my favourite tea from a thermos, feet on my dashboard reading a book. Eventually I needed the toilet so I had to give up and go into town in search of facilities. Thank-goodness for super-markets.

By this point it was getting pretty late, so when she rang to say she was delayed again but would DEFINITELY be back within the hour I decided to buy something quick for our tea and just stay the night.

Staying the night meant I got to see this wee lass who was a stray at her surgery:

And take selfies with this little monster when she got called out again the next morning:

Although neither of us look particularly happy to be in this photo! Kipp and I have a longstanding argument over who Kat loves more. I maintain its me and Kip knows it because everytime I ring she starts whinning at Kat for attention! She seems to think that all the belly rubs and treats mean she's the favourite.

Being the kind and caring friend I am I cleaned her kitchen, fed and walked the mutt. I then nipped round to the surgery to say my good-byes. I'd heard her getting up in the morning but decided I didn't love her enough to leave my bed and say goodbye at the time!

Then I drove the rest of the way up North!

Monday, 5 May 2014


Hey folks!

This is going to be a very short an sweet post. I've re-located, again. I'm no-longer in Northern England (ie at my parents) instead I'm back in bonnie Scotland for work. I'll be in the central belt staying with family until the 18th of May when I will relocate to the Northen most tip for 1 week (also for work) and then back to the central belt for the remaining 3 months.

I'm actually excited, Elgin is in the middle of some stunning countryside and the work will be a bit different. Not quite so excited about working 11 days on the trot though!

I did make a wee detour on the way up to stop in and visit a friend on the way at the weekend, but I'll let you know all about that tomorrow.

Side note have you guys come accross popbasic? I'm slightly obsesssed, I love the idea of building a wardope through these micro-collections. You can pick and choose which ones you want to buy and it comes with loads of idea on how to style your new clothes. I think it might be a great way for me to mix-up my style a bit. I haven't bought anything yet but I'm seriously thinking about buying this lates collection called the ashbury. It's a bit different but something about it really appeals. What do you guys think, should I go for it?

Alright I'm pooped, so I'm off to bed,


Thursday, 1 May 2014

NSV'S and the importance of giving blood.


My NSV has nothing to do with weight-loss, or health (and its only partly because I've been sucking at that). But I do have an NSV. I gave blood.

I am a lousy blood donor, really I suck at it! HA, do you see what I did, subtle vampire reference, really  no-one is laughing at that but me are they? I don't care I'm hilarious! Anyway, I'm terrible. I am absolutely useless for the rest of the day (which is why I normally try to do it in the afternoon). I am dopey and lethargic and quite often get light headed (I once had to lie down in the middle of the students union, that was interesting). And although I'm not dopey the next day I still need to take it easy, no getting up too quickly and DEFINITELY no skipping breakfast. 

It takes me a full 24hrs to recover. Honestly, I can tell the moment my body has replenished that pint. Although a word to the wise wait at least 36 hours before going for your next run, your muscles will thank you for your patience. I once went the next day, after the 24hr mark had passed and my muscles felt bruised and sore for AGES, but I'm not a doctor, and it could have been a co-incidence but I've never wanted to test it.

Anyway perhaps because I am such a big baby after donating my friends and family always ask why I do it. Who can say, maybe its because I reeeeeeeally like the squash, or the free biscuits or the guilt free procrastination or maybe its because its a good thing to do. Actually its the latter. Sure the biscuits are always good (there were chocolate dipped coconut mararoons this time!!!) and I used to love it when the blood bank people came to Uni when I had a big deadline looming, but bigger than that is the simple fact that it is needed. It's the socially responsible thing to do (gee that sounds pompous). 

Giving blood is something we should all do. Its so simple and really asides from being useless for 12hrs (although you probably won't be as pathetic as me) and the occasional bruise it doesn't cost us anything but can make a HUGE difference to the lives of other people.

There seems to be a common misconception that its hard to give blood, or that you won't qualify. But that's really not true, most healthy adults over the age of 17 qualify (there are a few, caveats like having a new tattoo or piercing within the past 6 months which just means you have to wait a bit). And it's not a one off thing either, women can give ever 16 weeks and men every 12. 

So look up your local blood bank and book a donation session. And then enjoy the smug sense of satisfaction you get from doing something good. Oh and the free cookies, you can enjoy them guilt-free too ;)