Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Its weigh in Wednesday, and I'm relieved to report that I'm 2lbs down, 195. I will be super excited when I get back into the 180s. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I think the  trick for me is to get back into the habit of doing all my cooking at the weekend. I'm lazy and so best to make good choices the easiest! And snacks I really need to prep some good snacks to grab.

And  I really need to stop using work as an excuse to not exercise. 

gee that seems like a long list of stuff doesn't it? I best get going with it!

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Reg interview

So 3 very cool bloggers who I read (which  is a euphemism for stalk in an unhealthily obsessive way) have a blog every day in July thing going on. They also have a button, buttons are cool

Anyho, today's prompt is a list of interview questions. I have decided to interview Reginald. Partly because its been a while since you guys heard from him and partly because I am slightly scared that if I don't he will murder me in my sleep.

Also for anyone not acquainted with Reg I feel I should warn you that he is an entirely self involved egomaniac with plans for world domination. He  is also a dinosaur. A t-rex  to be more  specific.

(for those of you wondering yes that is Reg  posing with a croc with arms. Apparently that's Stella and she's a Aries)

Me: So Reg I'm going to interview you for my blog, if that's OK?

Reg: Will people read it?

Me: Yes. Well Shannon and Desiree will at any rate.

Reg: Very well, you may proceed.

Me: Question 1 is what's your hidden talent?

Reg: I am able to disguise my utter  contempt for your species.

Me: Reg I don't think you've ever actually done that so I'm not sure that can really count, as I don't think its a talent you actually have.


Me: Fine, you hide your contempt very well, lets move on. What's your favourite TV show?

Reg: Must  I answer this?

Me: yes

Reg: I don't want to, its not very becoming of a world leader.

Me: Sigh, can't you just put your world domination aside for a wee bit and answer some questions like a normal dinosaur?

Reg: Sponge bob.

Me: Really?!?


Me: Whatever, name someone you admire.

Reg: Other than myself?

Me: Yes I think that's implied.

Reg: Micky Mouse. That mouse  is so cunning he has everyone convinced he's loveable when actually its a very long play for world domination. He's still no threat to my plan but I admire his spunk.

Me: Ooooooooook then. I'm not sure this interview is going the way it should be but it feels too late to back out now. So moving on. Question number 4 is who is Canada's current Prime Minister.

Reg: That question is irrelevant, I will become supreme dictator  of the world shortly.

Me: Question 5: Cake or Pie?

Reg: Pie is clearly superior. It can bboth savory and sweet. In fact I think I may pass a law that people are only allowed to eat pie.

Me: and if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life?

Reg: The souls of kittens. In pie form. Obviously

Me: Whats your favourite memory of me?

Reg: I have none, you are merely  a necessary evil in my life, I plan on having you executed shortly after I come to power.

Me: delightful! Question number 8. Quote a movie right now!

Reg: "Ah, how should I do it? Oh, I know. I'll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea. And then I'll put that flea in a box, and then I'll put that box inside of another box, and then I'll mail that box to myself. And when it arrives, AH HA HA HA, I'll SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! 

Me: is that Yzma from the emperors new groove?

Reg: Yes

Me: I KNEW you like that movie even though you claimed that the emperor was weak for changing due to peer pressure!!!

Reg: Yzma was the real hero of the movie.

Me: your were able to quote that awfully fast for someone who considered the whole movie to be of such a low grade that "your brains were leaking out your ears in protest".

Me: OK last question, name something inappropriate you always laugh at.

Reg: the dreams of small children.

Me: Niiiiiice

I'm really not sure what to say after that, other than to offer a vauge sort of apology for subjecting you to that? 

Sorry folks.

Saturday, 26 July 2014

A Love letter to Kigo shoes

Remember last year when I wrote an Ode to my froggy shoes?

Well today I'm back with  another love letter to a pair of shoes (or a review if you want to be awfully dull):

They are Kingo leons. I've bought kingos before, an earlier model, which were comfortable but ugly, even by my standards, comfortable but ugly. Then I saw they were releasing a new collection, a new pretty collection, and I was excited. It just so happened that this occurred at the same time I needed new shoes for work. Comfortable, practical shoes that would keep my feet dry. So  I bit the bullet and bought them. I then had to wait AGES for them to arrive, because I am a numpty and I didn't realise I was pre-ordering, also they are from the states. My  family give me a hard-time over them, often commenting: "they are very you" which is actually an insult. but I've been door knocking all across Scotland in them, and not a single comment has been made, and  trust me if they were truly bad there would have been many comments, we Scots aren't  afraid to speak our mind.

So asides from being EXCEPTIONALLY comfortable, no seriously, I get home after walking all day and my feet aren't  even tired, the rest of me is, but my feet are good to go. Anyway the company has a pretty cool ethos, they are committed to environmental responsibility. The shoes are made in mexico from re-cycled plastic bottles, pretty cool eh? And once  you've worn them to death, as I suspect I will, the  shoes can also be recycled, and you get a discount off your next pair for doing so. Pretty awesome stuff.

I think you should all get some. I'm not being paid  by Kigo, nor did I get free shoes, though I would love some as I want to try some of the other models for running,  I just think they are great shoes, from a company with a fantastic ethos and therefore wanted to share the love.


Thursday, 24 July 2014

I'm back....

........ anyone else just launch into song...  nope just me, ooooookay then, moving swiftly on.

It's NSV Thursday:


Which is convenient because this weeks NSV IS that I'm back.
Any one confused by the above statement, what all of you? Then allow me to elaborate.

Pain killers give me the munchies. The munchies and the blues. The latter of which is helped by the constant stream of job rejections (and if one of you says "what is meant for you, won't go by you" I will hunt you down and hurt you, I can get pretty creative with my punishments, just ask my cousin HOW I got her netflix password). Anyway I digress.

To return to the point: painkillers, munchies and the blues (which incidenlty sounds like a great jazz song). I have been a weird mix lately. No exercise, because it has been exceptionally hot (for Scotland) and alot of indoor exercises require the use of your hands. Except Hula hoops, which would be awesome at the moment but tragically mine is 50miles away in Lancashire. And my eating habbits haves resembled those of someone suffering from multiple personality disorder where one personality is a compete health freak and the other is a glutton.

Good grief I'm rambly today, even more so than usual, I lame it on the fact that its been such a long time since I blogged.

Why is all this an NSV, nothing to be proud of here I hear you cry. However, I'm here. My hands are no longer making me want to cry (except when I attempt to support my bodyweight with them), and I'm off the painkillers. And instead of hiding away in shame over the drug induced binges and the HUGE jump uo on the scales, I'm here, blogging, saying hi to a community that keeps me accountable and that I know will support/push me back onto the right track.

Total NSV, don't you agree?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

my hands hurt

Soooooooo I assume you are all wringing your hands with worry over my latest disappearing act.

Don't deny it, we all know its true.

I'm fine.

Well fine-ish.

I have tendonitous in my  right hand, which has decided to rear its ugly head. And have developed RSI in my left.

So no typing. 

In fact its only due to my deep love for you all I'm even writing this.

Although I think its on the mend. So hopefully my  return is imminent.

However, you can all rest  easy knowing I'm still stalking you.

P.S whole post sans the offending letter, impressed?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Pictures of the random things I see whilst working: Part 3

Part 3: Miscellaneous items

Some stairs jumped up and attacked me

There were a lot more gnomes. I think having a gnome fetish is actually a more common thing than society realises.

 I think I might have a gnome fetish because I'm always sad when the presence of householders means I can't actually get a photo.

This is a cake!!! Can we all take a moment to appreciate its beauty!

........... I'm disturbed that's big enough problem to need a sign

There is a padlock IN a tree, IN the tree folks

This guy...... there are no words...... please note he appears to beholding a sparrow  and that the frog in the background looks traumatised....... all seems a bit suspect to me

I'm not sure why the 7 dwarfs are in a giant glass jar with a china frog....... any and all explanations welcome

Some of the high rise flats have art.......does any one else find the fist one mildly disturbing, like its the Kracken or something?

I wanted to end with something less disturbing.

I'll be back later....... with a post with words and everything!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

NSV Thursday!


I'm Super duper excited to excited to be linking up with this, partly because its been such a long time since I had NSVs or even SVs to share :p

So I have lots this week:

1) I passed up pizza on sunday in favour of paella, I still ate with my sousins outside in the garden, and I partook of all the fun marshmallow roasting, but rather than using it  as an excuse to blow my diet I ate paella I'd cooked the day before. Moderation. Who knew I was capable.

2) I climbed to the top of a high-rise ( I used the lifts for the first one, but they make me queasy) and the super slim and pretty girl nearly passed out. I was tired but still ale to talk to the top floor residents. This made me very very happy.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pictures of the random things I see whilst working...... Part 2

Part 2: The garden edition:

Unless you watched a children's program called bill and ben this will mean nothing to you

I felt like they were all watching me...... watching and silently plotting ways to kill me