Monday, 25 August 2014

life lately.....

It's been a while.... life and  work pesky things that they are, keeping me busy!

Sooooo what's new with me?

Well the keys on my keyboard are still dodge, not only is b still out of action but a couple of other letters, including n,p,q and the space bar are now a tad sporadic, the space bar being the most frustrating.

For a while I was considering moving to Australia, then it turns out the job I was going for wouldn't be financially feasible.

It was my birthday.

I am developing a love hate relationship with the general public.

Life has been getting in the way of health based activities.

I am excited about this challenge:

I will have finished this project at work which will make an exercise routine feasible.

Also I may have a new life plan, prayers and ninja good vibes that it works out  are much appreciated!


Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Sunday I was off for more adventures with 2 girls from work. Molly: also known as a 20yr old bad influence, and Ann who is the new girl and a transplant from NewZealand. 

We headed into Edinurgh for the fringe. For those of you who haven't the foggiest what  I  mean by that, I'm not talking about the awesome scifi tv show. Its even better than that (a hard thing to  imagine I know). The fringe takes over the whole city for the month of Edinburgh, everything that could be a venue is, churches, abandoned rail cars, children's libaries, pubs you name it they are turned into venues for dance, theater, comedy and music acts. Its as awesome as it sounds. And whats even better a large number of them are free.

The below photos were taken in previous years visits, it was waaaaaay to wet to get my phone out to grab a few shots on Sunday. As you can see the Royal mile is mobbed with people, some are tourists, some are trying to persuade you to see certain shows and some are performers, its pandemonium! 

We went to Frankensteins for lunch. Its one of my favourtite pus, established in 1818!!! How awesome is the building?
Also, it plays the old Frankenstein movie on big screens (silent) all the time and on the hour Frankenstein comes to life, with flashing lights, smoke and thunder. Its pretty much the best place to have lunch! And I've been reliably informed that the cocktails are to die for ;) .

At lunch my faith and dating rules came up....... mainly because Molly brought them up. What followed was the usual grilling, ie hundreds of hypotheticals "but what if......". Which doesn't phase me, I even informed Ann that I doubted she could ask me something I hadn't been asked a dozen times before, and then she did "have you ever thought about becoming a nun?" which was a first for me. Just in case you were wondering the  answer is no. Anyway  she made a joke that she was going to randomly ask guys if they were single and Christian.

We saw a couple of free comedy gigs, which were very good. Then we spent a ridiculously long time in the fudge shop dithering over what fudge flavours to buy, and trying many samples to ensure an informed decision. Anyway we bought a box of slices because it worked out cheaper and left as happy as clams. On the way to the next venue the paper bag that the fudge was in disintegrated in the rain and the box fell to the floor. I kid you not, all three of us screeched "THE FUDGE" as one, such was our distress. Fortunately this story has a happy ending, not only was the fudge OK but a comedian was so amused that she gave us free tickets to her sketch show (which would otherwise had been paid). It was the funniest thing EVER. I laughed so hard I had to be reminded to breath, if that's not the sign of a good show I don't know what is!

At one point we were walling down the royal mile and a young lad approached us to  try and persuade us to go and see his show about WW1. We listened to the whole speil, although he lost us when he said it was paid (We are all poor). At the end suddenly Ann goes, "can I ask you a question, are any of you guys Christian, and single?". I may or  may not have told her she would be walking home. She didn't let it drop either until she got her response, but so taumatising was the experience for the poor lad that later in the day when we crossed paths with him again that he takes one look at us goes "not you guys again" and actually turns around and walks in the other direction!!!!!

We also, managed to get get dinner for £1 each, we had very little time etween 2 shoes  so we ducked into a pizza takeaway and bought a calzone to share which was £3, but the guy gave us another slice (well 1/4 of a pizza) also cut  into thirds on the house, score!

All in all we did rather well out of the fringe. 

Monday, 11 August 2014

Life adventures.....

So my off kilter work hours coupled  with near constant job applications means I don't have a lot of free  time. I used to  use that free  time to blog. Lately I've been using it to do thing in real life with humans....... weird!

And now  you get to hear all about my adventures.

So last Friday I went to the tattoo. Its a military pipe event at the castle in Edinurgh. I got the  ticket for free because Ismaels brother got accepted to a fancy pant music summer camp so I got to take his place.I really like things that are free. They make me happy.

However. After spending a day shopping in Glasgow and getting nothing because BOOBS (so many styles just don't work with them), I had a meltdown when trying to pick out something to wear. This was not helped y the weather forecast which meant I needed sensible options.

Which resulted in this:

Who am I kidding, it was ALOT of crying, it definitely wasn't that delicate and probably looked a lot more like this:

I pulled myself together enough to put  on what I wear to work every day  (which  is dull but sensible and practical, jeans, a blouse, cardi and water-proof jacket), and set off. 

Ismael managed to make me look organised with his antics actually getting to the venue which made me chuckle! Then it turns out he'd bought tickets to sit with some friends of his..... and as I was taking his brothers place, I was sitting on the  other side of the  stadium, with his parents, who don't really  speak any English (they're spanish). However, the fringe was awesome. And because I am a shockingly bad blogger, I  just have one solitary, slightly blurry picture for you:

I know an evening of military pipe bands doesn't sound like fun, but it was!

Then when we were waiting to meet back up with Ismael I got chatting with an army lad. And he was flirting with me. I figured this out all on my own (this  is progress) and it must have been obvious enough that it transcended language barriers because Ismaels parents told him all about it when he finally found us!  So that was definitely a nice wee ego boost and so I ended the night looking like this:

The following day involved a very  wet and rainy road trip, where we never actually reached our destination. Instead we saw this rather pretty church and abby ruins

I'll continue with my life lately tomorrow, or later today. who can know?


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

a post about knockers.....

I may be about to over-share in this post.

Majorly so.

No really, this may be  too much for you.

And I understand if  you don't want to get so intimate with someone you only know on the internet.

Really, its OK, you can go away and just come back tomorrow when I'll be sharing my weigh in.


Ok, well I gave you ample opportunity to leave and you refused.  So you've no-one to blame but yourself. I've touched on this issue before here.

I have big boos. 

I have always had big boos. I don't remember a time from puberty where I haven't had excessively large boobs.

So with losing weight comes buying new clothes and something a lot less fun, buying new bras. I've needed to do this for a while, but keep putting it off for when I reach a certain size, but as weight loss is going seriously slow I decided it was time to just bite the bullet. Knowing that the stop gap bra from M&S wasn't cutting it and having had no success trying to get new ones from there I decided the only option was bravissimo.

So I went and got fitted by the loveliest girl. And it turns out I've gone down a back size, which is awesome. My boos however have not got the message that they were also supposed to decrease in size and have resolutely stayed the same volume, or grown, I wouldn't put it past them, they are vindictive like that.

 I'm a J folks. This is ridiculous. I ought 2 bras, One of which I may have to return for a smaller back size which actually means that I can't get this bra, because i'd also need a bigger cup with a smaller back and this is the largest it comes in.

I'm also annoyed because I feel my boobs look weird shaped, less rounded. I dunno. Maybe its all in my head because I know how big they are but I feel as though the new bras make me look bigger, boxier somehow.

There was no point to this post I just wanted to rant. Unless you have words of comfort or advice, then please share.

So once again I hate my boobs!!!