Friday, 28 November 2014

fit4fifteen check-in

Fitnasty for Life

So whilst I haven't had to contend with thanks giving temptation this week I have had my own challenges.

I had to drive down to uni ( I like to graze whilst driving) stay overnight at my friends, actually attend my viva (a HUGE stress eating trigger). I snacked on popcorn (1 pre-portioned bag) and 1 coffee (chai tea latte  made with soy, and I went for a small). I did eat pizza at my friends (BAD vegan, but the night before the viva it was this or a killing rampage). I had 1 bar of dark chocolate during the break in my viva (totally justified and I refuse to feel guilty). Another bag of popcorn on the return jouney and this time a small sugar free vanilla latte.

Basically I did really well whilst away. I also had a Chinese takeaway the night I got back, this one I feel less happy with, there was no need, there was especially no need for me to have the starter in addition to my vegetable chow mein!

Also super excited that I've gone down another clothes size and I may have to invest in new bras reasonable soon (this one causes equal amounts of pleasure and pain!).

Short and sweet today, I'm still exhausted: mentally, emotionally and physically (I wasn't back until 3am on the wednesday night).


Thursday, 27 November 2014

Happy thanksgiving!

Hey there folks!

So first things first: my viva is over, I passed with reservations which means I need to make all the recommended changes before the pass is official........... this is standard for a research degree, because a straight pass or fail would be too simple :/

Moving on I missed my weigh in yesterday (for obvious reasons) but I weighed in today instead: 1lb down!!! Check back tomorrow for the fit415 update and more news on this front!

OK lastly there is this epic photo of Reginald in honour of it being Thanksgiving today: 

On a side note I feel as though this may be the reason I'm single :p

Monday, 24 November 2014

life lately....

I've been a busy girl lately, not just with my risky hair moves.

BTW for those of you waiting on tenterhooks the £11 hair cut turned out just fine. I got her to go a little shorter than was absolutely necessary as I was paranoid about having dried out ends. Consequently its considerably shorter than I normally wear it, I mean its still long by most standards, just shorter for me. I'll try and get a photo up for you guys soon so you can see what I mean. Also friends have assured me that the colour is not as bad as my family would have me believe, it is however possible that unlike my family they are lying to spare my feelings ;p.

On Wednesday we scoured free tickets to the cinema so we went to see the imitation game. Great movie. Tragic story. Afterwards we hit up a local pub and made some new friends. I say friends, they mocked me for poor life choices and accused my scarf of being a blanket in disguise, naturally this endeared them to Reg. Also Reg stole some of their beer whilst they weren't looking.

He may have gotten tipsy.

Friday after the emergency hair appointment we had a craft afternoon with a friend where I attempted to teach her to finger crochet. Reginald was not best pleased by this activity but warmed up considerably when he got a scarf out of it.

Rather dashing don't you think?

Right well the dreaded Viva is wednesday morning so I'm off to do a spot of last minute revision..... that and write a presentation as with less than 48hrs to go the university decided to let me know that I should really give one, the organisation around it has been so far past  ridiculous that I have lost all ability to care!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

help me, I make poor life choices

Dear internet friends I need your help.

Next time I talk about dying my hair myself...... don't let me.

Remember how I said my viva was next week. well I decided that rather than actually doing proper prep for it, you know useful stuff like reviewing the literature and my thesis, I was going to "fix" my hair, because that's what's important. 

Originally I was going to go to a hairdressers, as a treat. But then I saw the prices, stupid beyond shoulder length hair. So I decided to box dye it..... like I normally do. Except I feel as though my hair has been getting too dark the past couple of times. So I picked up a lighter colour using my normal method of selecting the hair dye brand on offer. BAD BAD BAD move. Today my hair is not only even darker but it feels fried............. my hair is never fried, this is a nightmare. 

So now instead of getting confidence from my hair a la Samson I'm going to actually have to study..... probably.

However, I decided that as my hair is in bad shape I will pay for a haircut rather than my normal hack at it and hope for the best technique (which usually works for me). Maybe that'll help?

Brace yourself in-case tomorrows post is on the perils of getting your haircut somewhere that only charges £11. 

I'm off to make a hair mask using olive oil and egg yolks (hair trials trump veganism), with any luck that'll reverse the damage.

Being poor sucks.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Hi guys, *sheepish wave*

So I've been MIA. I have been busy, applications don't just write themselves you know. But also I've been a bit of a funk :/ with no obvious cause. But I think we're over the worst of it. Fortunately I haven't been up to much so it'll be really easy to catch up:

  • I have started a not exactly subtle campaign to convince my Dad (with the unwitting assistance of his health-nut mancrush) that he wants a blender, a nutri bullet to be exact, because I reeeeeeeeeally want smoothies and my hand blender can barely blitz soup! Does anyone do smoothies or have a nutri blender?
  • I made it through round 1 of one of the teacher training avenues I've applied for.
  • My weight is refusing to go down, and my diet has been fine, which means I need to exercise, and I fail at doing anything else and I think the river route is open again so as of today I am going to go back to running. I think there is a better chance of me becoming a runner than the yoga girl I dream of being, mainly because I can never motivate myself to actually do the yoga, conundrum.
  • last week there was a very weird and inexplicable spike in my blog viewings. Of an old post with a photo of reg, over 1000 views, mostly from France. Most perplexing.
Right I promise to be more consistent again, I even have a few recipes I want to share, but for now I'll leave you with the photo causing so much excitement in France:

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I've been playing hooky from the blog.

It could be because I have painted 2 rooms and re-arranged so much furniture.

It could be because I haven't been feeling quite right, not ill, just not right.

It could be because for the 3rd week running the stupid scale says 187.

I have been tracking everything. And stayed within my points allowance. 

BUT I haven't necessarily spent those points as wisely as I could. I full-heartedly support the theory that sugar is as addictive as cocaine without feeling the need to actually check the experimental methods or raw data (I'm a researcher, so this should tell you all you need to know about my current struggle). Nor have I been exercising as much as I need to.

But all this has to stop because they have finally arranged a date for my viva, and gosh darn it but I want to return to that place feeling good. I have 3 weeks so I better make them count!