Saturday, 24 January 2015

Quick check-in

I thought I should probably check in and let you know I'm alive, and even ticking along with my weight-loss.

Normally I'd do a WIW to update you but Wednesdays keep turning out to be super busy days. Wednesdays remain my official weigh in day but I never seem to have the time to post about it! However, I'm down 3lbs over the last 2 weeks, meaning I've lost my Christmas gain, YAY!!!

Also I've been to a yoga class. It kicked my butt because I have the flexibility of a 2x4. Furthermore, I get the giggles every time someone talks about breathing deeply through your nose, I am physically incapable of doing that and am doomed to being a noisy mouth breather for life! Some of the poses are full of innuendos and I seem to be the only one immature enough to find it funny!

There is a works related do on the 20th of Feb, for which I would like to get down to 175. A completely achievable goal as long as I stay on track with my eating and keep adding in little bits of physical activity.

Lastly on a non-health related note, I've had an ever increasing un-easiness about being a secondary school teacher (the logical choice). So this week, after a lot of prayer (and at the incessant nudging of my gut), I did a complete U-turn and have opted for primary which I feel 100% at peace with. It does however mean that I need to completely over-haul my hitherto completed application. Yikes!

I best stop procrastinating from the application and get on with it!

Toodles xxx

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

WIW..... or facing the music

I was very tempted to skip this week. I'm so tired and could have successfully justified it to myself, but Ash's post inspired me to be more honest. 

Weigh In Wednesday

So this morning I weighed in at 185, which is another 1.5lb gain on last week bringing my festive gain to 3lbs, yikes! And it took aaaaaaaaaaaaages to lose those same stinking 3lbs before Christmas!

Oh well. I know exactly what I did wrong (after eight mints I'm looking at you). I need to set up a routine again where making better choices is the simplest/easiest option. Luckily my hours at work have just increased which means I get a lunch break, which should help.

But really what I need to to is get back into the habit of exercising again. 2014 was marked by a lack of deliberate exercise, there was lots of walking with my previous job, but precious little activity outside of that. I'm determined to make 2015 the year that I make a habit of exercising.

Also I need to be better at blogging, I need the accountability and motivation it provides!

Sunday, 4 January 2015

New year.....

Eh up folks!

Its 2015, is it just me or did 2014 disappear spectacularly quickly? For me, the new year won't feel like its started properly until tomorrow. I spent my new years eve with my Kat up in Carlisle, commuting from there to work on friday. Her new girlfriend in a bid to win my approval cooked up a mostly vegan feast (FYI it totally worked). We ate, we ate some more, we introduced Lisa to our favourite tv show and marathoned it (pretty much our new years eve tradition), and whilst I don't think she really "got it" she was a good sport and didn't complain about it and more importantly didn't object to being the nominated disk changer.

We all had work on friday, but once that was out the way we got right back to the eating and binge tv-a-thon! On saturday we did venture out, we walked to  the priory:

It's very pretty. And as it was super cold it was 100% necessary to visit the on site cafe for afternoon tea before making our way home :p . Then we hit the local pub for some good pub grub, where I managed to bag the best seat ever directly in front of the fire (I get cold soooo easily these days so this was a big coup). Being a vet, Kat has a house full of animals, none of whom approved of the blanket I was making for their owner, every time I sat down to work on it, they sat on it, effectively halting any further work!!! Also Kip (Kat's adorbable dog) loves me and objected every time I tried to leave the couch, and who am I to argue with such an adorable cannine (I'd up load a photo but all I have are a collection of blurry brown balls of fur)!

Anyho, after such a decadently lazy few days filled with eating and minimal movement I dread to think what the scale will say. But for me Monday marks the return to normal, good eating habits and more consistent exercise. 

And as I sucked with Reg's Christmas count down I'm going to leave you with a few highlights from his capers: