Tuesday, 19 January 2016

I forgot how hard blog titles were to come up with......

...... no seriously, why are they so difficult?

So tomorrow I will have had my fit bit for a week and I feel as though its taken me until now to get to grips with really using it. For the first 5 days all I really did was notice my resting heart beat and my sleep. Side note before I move on, I have this terrible habit (thanks to the bathroom schedule) of getting up showering and then lying back on my bed in my fluffy dressing gown until I feel ready to face the world (I am not a morning person). I take the fit bit off to shower and then put it back on for my humanisation period. This means that often the fit bit includes the whole shower/return to the land of the living time as me still sleeping. I am not. I may not be particularly loquacious at the time in the morning I am most definitely awake, which is why I'm moody. Also as the resting heart beat is measured on first waking I wonder if this is being skewed too. Its not a big problem, I'm merely musing!

Anyway, the past 2 days I've made a real effort with my steps. I've not quite hit the magical 10,000, yesterday I made it  to 9,867  and I'm seriously kicking myself for not just marching on the spot until I got there, it just didn't occur to me yesterday d'oh! I'll probably finish the today off around the 8,000 mark. Yesterdays high step count was relatively easy thanks to spending the day in a year 1 class (6 year olds), although I did do several unnecessary loops of the super market. Today has taken a bit more effort, I walked to the post office during my uni lunch break and I took a very circuitous route to the village shop for broccoli, I'm fairly sure I started a few rumors concerning my sanity with the route I took to maximise the steps!

I think I'm going to fuel those insanity rumours and make taking the meandering village walk a daily habit. Sure I look like a crazy person constantly looping around streets (there are only so many roads with street lighting in the village) but it'll pay off in the long term, small sustainable tweaks is the key!

Next I need to focus on my diet. I signed up for weight watchers online because that's what I have had the most success with in the past. However, my phone is old and dying which means I cant update to the latest ios to be able to download the app. I realise this sounds like I'm making excuses, which is true to a certain extent, but not having the app and the ability to update what I've eaten at the moment of consumption really does make a massive difference!

I'm not sure how this week is going to pan out on the scales, so that's an exciting mystery for tomorrow. But, and whisper it quietly so as not to jinx it, I think I'm slowly finding my way back to good choices and habits.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

skulking back

Soooooo ummmm hi *awkward wave*

Lets be honest I've been AWOL for a very very very long time, I'm not sure exactly how long because I think finding that out will be completely terrifying! 

So if I've been staying away from the world of fitblogging it surely must be because I have been managing on my own and too busy crushing my health and fitness goals to bother writing, right? I think we all know the answer to that is a big fat NO! I did OK for a while, neither gaining or loosing weight, I did lose inches on the build up to my cycling holiday though. So far so good, then I started my teacher training year and slowly but surely I slipped into bad habits, started making excuses and what do you know here I am facing a new year heavier than I started the last one D'oh!!!! So here I am back up to 194lbs, which is actually down 2lbs from last week, turns out I can't do this on my own. I need the motivation and accountability of the online community! 

Oh well no point crying over spilt milk, I'm back and motivated and that's what matters. In  a bid to help motivate myself I got a fitbit. I'm fairly certain I'm not utilizing it to it's full capabilities though. I've had it less than 24hr and so far I have taken several extra trips up stairs just to increase my steps! 

Also in the spirit of honesty...... the only person going to be reading this is probably Shannon, so Shannon how do I find you on fitbit? I seem to remember you can get pretty competitive with it!

I'd upload photos but my phone is practically dead these days (still waiting for the fair phone release!)